Viking Therapeutics To Compete In The Obesity Drug Market!

Viking Therapeutics To Compete In The Obesity Drug Market

As obesity rates are spiking up in the United States, a large market of obesity drugs is growing on the other side. Ozempic and Wegovy started the GLP-1 weight loss race. When the whole of Hollywood accepted these drugs as their secret weight loss weapon, it became a trend.

The recent news is that Viking Therapeutics, a San Diego-based clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company is entering this weight loss race. In the context of the success of their new drug, the share rates of the company have spiraled upwards.

Can the new obesity drug from Viking, VK2735, become a challenge to drugs such as Ozempic, Wegovy, and Mounjaro? Read on to know the answer.

New Study From The Company Ignites Hope For An Obesity Drug

The San Diego-based biotech company Viking Therapeutics is entering the obesity drug development race with the success of its early data. According to the company, an early study conducted regarding the efficacy of the drug proved a 6% reduction in the mean weight.

The drug named, VK2735 has shown weight loss benefits in a group of 88 patients. On the grounds of this new study, the shares of the company have risen to 60% as per the latest data.

Viking Therapeutics To Compete In The Obesity Drug Market

Further analysis regarding the efficacy of the drug could place Viking along the giants in this field, that is, Novo Nordisk, Eli Lilly, and others. All of this trend started when Novo Nordisk released a weekly shot of Ozempic for diabetes and Wegovy for weight loss.

These semaglutide variations can activate GLP-1, a hormone in our bodies. The huge popularity of these drugs for weight loss even caused a shortage that led to the off-label prescription of Ozempic for weight loss. 

While Ozempic and Wegovy are supposed to stimulate GLP-1, Mounjaro, another weight loss drug from Eli Lilly, can instigate a second hormone known as GIP. Viking Therapeutics is trying to follow this approach where their new weight loss drug will actively duplicate this mechanism.

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The current study from this San Diego-based pharma analyzed data from a two-part investigation. The study found that 0.5 milligrams of VK2735 administered to six people resulted in a 2.5% of weight loss. When the dosage was increased up to 5 milligrams as a weekly dose, a 7.8% weight loss was observed. 

During the study, certain side effects of this drug were also noted. It comprised mild and moderate nausea, which is generally a side effect of these classes of drugs. But the participants didn’t stop the intake of the drugs even after experiencing this side effect.

Only one person from the study experienced a serious kind of side effect such as gall bladder obstruction. The reports say this person had a history of gallstones and that might be the reason behind this. 

Based on the success of this drug, it is evaluated that Viking Therapeutics might become a crucial member in the $50 billion obesity treatment market. This can put the company to compete against pharmaceutical tycoons such as Eli Lilly and Co, Novo Nordisk, and Amgen Inc.

According to the official circles from Viking, Phase 2 of the study will analyze the efficacy of orally administered VK2735 in selected subjects.

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