About Us

Who We Are

Obesity Controller is the helping hand that one needs to attain a body that is healthy and is in proper shape. We are a panel of experts who are determined to make our society more healthy than it is now by motivating and helping our readers to lose weight. At Obesity Controller, we provide you with authentic and reliable information, news, stories, and more that have been designed to assist our readers in managing their weight.

Our Mission And Vision

Our vision is to free our society from the obesity pandemic that we presently are in. Obesity has been plaguing our society for the past few years and it is high time that we save our society from this ever-growing plague. Obesity Controller aims to help people of our society release themselves from the chains of being obese. Our mission is to motivate and help people throughout their weight management process and to bring them back to a happy and healthy life.

Meet The Team

Obesity Controller is a team of health and fitness enthusiasts who are committed to supporting our readers in their weight management process. Our team comprises proficient and certified health and wellness experts who have a wide knowledge of weight management and have a never-ending desire to share their knowledge with the outer world. Our panel of experts provides you with accurate and reliable content so that our readers can move toward a life that is healthy. Our commitment and determination of making the world a healthy and obese-free place has made us one of the best weight-loss supporting websites of this era.

Our core value is making our readers inspired toward a healthy body and we do this by providing them with comprehensive content that is well-researched and scientifically backed. Every reader of ours makes us thrive and adds more value to our mission and vision.

Cristina Nieto


Cristina Nieto is one of the pillars of our bunch of experts. Nieto is a certified dietician who hails from Alabama, United States. Cristina has always been a health snob and this has made her choose the path of a dietician as her career. While being a practitioner dietician is her dream job, Cristina has always been unhappy about the fact that the people with whom she shares knowledge are limited and this was what made her join the team of Obesity Controller. At Obesity Controller, she is able to help millions of people in their weight loss management. Cristina Nieto’s years of experience as a dietician and her wide knowledge of the weight management process is an asset that has helped both Obesity Controller and our readers in numerous ways.

Ava Krouse

Resource Counselor

Ava Krouse is a certified nutritional expert who has over two decades of experience in the world of dietetics and nutrition. Ava developed a passion for medical reviewing while she was doing her Masters in nutrition studies when she wrote an article for her University’s healthcare magazine. She believes that by being a medical reviewer, she is helping many people from different corners of the world with reliable and genuine information which is something that aligns with the core value of Obesity Controller. Ava joined the Obesity Controller with an aim to educate people about weight loss-related subjects and her aim has been greatly reflected in each of its content.

Christopher Roberts


Christopher Roberts Ma, M.D. is an associate professor at the University of California. He has been a researcher who has provided relevant data on post-cartilage injury and recovery. Christopher has been an innovative teacher with ideas, along with solid clinical judgment. He has been a visiting practitioner at an orthopedic clinic in Los Angeles where he helps out people suffering from bone injuries caused by severe accidents. He has more than 12 years of knowledge in diagnosing and treating people with severe injuries. His knowledge and experience help him with quick decision-making skills whilst handling critical cases

Sarah Gray

Content Manager

Sarah Gray is a registered nutritionist with more than 20 years of hands-on experience in plant nutrition and sustainability. She has completed a master’s in Sustainable Food Systems, at Prescott College. She is known for her love for green vegetation and has been a plant-based dietician. She has a love for natural food and has been living a vegan lifestyle. Isla lived with her parents. They were farmers who grew their own food living in the suburbs. She is a knowledgeable person who published books on Nutrition Eating Plans for Achieving Optimal Health. She is one of the most sought-after personalities on social media and has been part of books on nutrition.

Riley Kai

Senior Editor

Riley kai is a Registered Dietician who has been passionate about doing things the natural way and helping people with diet plans. She has been a nutritionist editor who has a great passion for nutrition and writing. She has written hundreds of articles for Oprah Magazine, LA Times, and a few more. She explains well through her articles so users get thrilled about reading her tips on healthy eating, Trends, nutrition science, and much more. Her undergraduate certification in Nutrition, Food Science, and Dietetics was completed at the University of Vermont. She earned a Masters’s degree in Nutrition Communication from Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy. She taught cooking and nutrition classes to health-conscious people while her research at Griffin Hospital, Connecticut as a Lead Research Dietician.

Ann Pietrangelo

Senior Writer

Ann Pietrangelo is a freelance writer and author who joined the team of Obesity Controller with the vision of aiding people to live healthy lives. Pietrangelo has inspired hundreds of people through her books No More Secs! Living, Laughing & Loving Despite Multiple Sclerosis and Catch That Look: Living, Laughing & Loving Despite Triple-Negative Breast Cancer. In all of her works, she shared her experience of surviving health conditions that turned her life upside down and she wrote all of them with the hope that her readers will feel less alone with their health struggles. Learn more about Ann Pietrangelo on her official website.

Gia Miller

Medical Journalist

Gia Miller, an award winning New York -based journalist who is compassionate about helping people improve their health is one of the most hardworking people on our team. As being some who was obese and had suffered from health issues because of her bodyweight, Miller knows the importance of staying healthy and fit has on our life. Miller wants to motivate people to live a healthy life and help them through every step of their journey to a fit and fine life. She wants people to know that with the right way, you can lose weight and through her writing, she provides you the right way. Gia opted for the profession of journalism to influence people through her writing and every piece of content that she writes gives the readers well-researched, evidence-based, and accurate information that will motivate and encourage people to a healthy life. Gia Miller is a member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA). Her pieces on mental health and physical health were featured on prominent platforms like Healthline, Washington Post, Well+ Good, Parents, and more. You can find Gia Miller on LinkedIn and Twitter. 

Tim Newman


Tim Newman is a perfect example of doing what they love to do. Once Newman completed his bachelor’s degree in Neuroscience from the UK’s University of Manchester, he chose a path that was very different from what he studied. Even though he has been earning well on that path, Tim didn’t find happiness in what he did and he knows his happiness lies in writing which led him to join the team Obesity Controller. Tim, who joined as a newswriter on the team is now a Senior news writer on a team who is leading a bunch of writers and editors who share the same enthusiasm as his. Writing and researching is the most favorite thing he likes to do but when he wants a break from them,, spends time with his family, dances with them and enjoys the beauty of mother nature. 

Kristeen Cherney

Health Advisor

Kristeen Cherney is an all-rounder of our group who has a Ph.D., is a mental disabilities scholar, and a freelance writer who specializes in eclectic fields of health which includes mental health, skin health, thyroid disease,, women’s health, and diabetes. Cherney’s last complete research dissertation was on the intersection of disability studies and literacy studies in which she explored the topic thoroughly. If she is not writing or researching more about any health issues, you will find Cherney outdoors either enjoying a view or partaking in any interesting activity. Get to know more about Cherney and her work from her official website http://kristeencherney.com/.