Flower Teas For Weight Loss: A Fragrant Approach!

Flower Teas For Weight Loss

There is nothing as great as having a cup of tea in the morning. Imagine sitting in your backyard, just sipping piping hot tea with no care in the world and enjoying the beauty of nature. Seems surreal, right? Teas have always been around and are a part of every culture. Though categorically different, they manage to find their own foothold in each of these societies.

Green teas are the latest fad thanks to all the discussion around weight loss and health. However, there are some flower teas that have been gaining traction lately. Apparently, they also aid your weight loss regime enormously. So this blog will be discussing flower teas for weight loss.

What Are Flower Teas?

Teas usually have dried leaves of the tea plant in them. When it comes to flower teas, a particular flower is dried and then powdered to be mixed with hot water similar to a regular tea. As exotic as it may seem flower teas have been around for over 100 years now ever since their conception in Yunnan province, China. Although it has come a long way from decorating royal palaces to our tea tables and trays.

Kind Of Flower Teas

Kind Of Flower Teas

🌸 Jasmine tea– Made of dried jasmine flowers scented on regular tea leaves, this is extremely aromatic thanks to the freshly plucked flora. It can be base tea for other teas and exuded a sweet taste.

🌸 Rose tea– Rose is a very popular flavor among floral teas. Unlike its ordinary taste, pink tea tastes sweet with a mesmerizing scent.

🌸 Lavender tea– Lavender is always loved thanks to its eye-catching purple color. This one is not sweet in taste yet it still manages to be equally soothing and calming.

🌸 Lily tea– Now this one is preferred by all the celebrities and is considered to be very exotic. According to the drinkers, it tastes similar to honey and can be very detoxing.

🌸 Hibiscus tea– A striking scarlet-colored tea, this one has some earthy tones along with a tinge of sour.

🌸 Passion flower tea– It is one of the less popular ones that has been gaining a lot of attention lately. Mixed in with sweet and sour tastes, it can be a good replacement in case you cannot get others.

🌸 Dandelion Tea– In earthy hues, it has a mildly sweet taste with a smokey taste.

Benefits Of Drinking Flower Teas

You might be thinking what could be the benefits of drinking floral teas. So some of it includes-

  • Stress relief– Most of these teas can help you reduce stress and provide a kind of solace that regular tea might not be able to provide you with.
  • Cognitive improvements– The busy world around us has created a number of mental problems in most people. Drinking floral teas at regular intervals has been linked with improvement in memory, social interactions, anxiety, and depression.
  • A good night’s sleep– Sleep can affect us in more ways than we would usually like. But after a hard day’s work, we probably find it difficult to take a nap. However, floral teas can be quite helpful when you want to get some sleep.
  • Great hair and skin– Researchers have been to establish that taking a sip of rose tea can actually increase the production of Collagen which keeps our skin younger.  Keratin production enhances the color and texture of our tresses.
  • Better teeth– They can improve your bad breath problems along with killing any harmful bacteria that may cause plaque.

Flower Teas For Weight Loss

Flower teas can be a very good addition to your weight loss diet. Not only are these filled with vitamins and minerals including A and C. Amino Acids are also a part of it that is great for alleviating inflammation in parts of the body.

If you have a hard time at the gym, then take a sip to wade through the muscle cramps and pain. Stress reduction is mentioned as one of the benefits of consuming flower tea. This means it helps in the production of Cortisol which also affects our energy levels. So the more energy you have, the more you exercise.

After a good diet and physical activity are imperative that you take control of your circadian rhythm which can help you form habits, Flower teas give you just that. Depending on the floral tea you prefer, it can enhance your immune system.

Having a strong immune system can keep you especially healthy and therefore lose weight naturally. A proper blood flow with fewer microbes in our body means greater concentration and smoother functioning of the body. Particularly drinking flower teas increases your metabolic rate which lets your fat burn at a faster rate.

Known to have Ternatins, these are good to shrink the size of your fat cells. One of the major problems faced by weight watchers is controlling the hunger pangs. Now drinking these blooming teas can get a hold of your hunger cravings by hydrating your body in sufficient amounts.

It is to be kept in mind that the addition of sweeteners might give out slightly different outcomes based on the product. Usually drunk with honey, you should read through the sweet content before adding any.

So now that you know how great flower teas are, we hope you will definitely try some if you haven’t already!

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