The Mcdonald’s Diet Man’s Wife Is Also Ready To Start The Diet!

Mcdonald’s Diet Man's Wife Is Also Ready To Start The Diet

Kevin Maginnis seems like an adamant person. The man who was known to follow a McDonald’s diet for 100 days to lose weight, shared recently that he has lost around 30 lbs so far. And now his wife is also going to join this bizarre diet expedition.

For the TikTokers, the  Big Mac Coach, Kevin is a wonder. His decision to expand his McDonald’s diet has gathered the attention of TikTokers. Follow along to know the recent update of Kevin Maginni and the news of his wife starting to follow his path!

Kevin Maginnis Claims He Lost Around 30 Lbs

The man who is on a mission to lose weight through eating only McDonald’s claims that he is down nearly 30 pounds. The Nashville native, Kevin Maginnis was all over the news recently for his bizarre diet pattern. The 56-year-old had vowed to lose weight by only eating McDonald’s food for 100 days. 

Kevin Maginnis's McDonald's Diet

Through his TikTok account, @bigmaccoaching, Maginnis shared his weight loss trajectory through McDonald’s diet. He claimed that he would eat nothing but only the fast food from McDonald’s for the rest of the 100 days. Many TikTok users had taken up this trend and celebrated the bizarre diet of Maginnini.

Earlier this month, Maginni revealed that he had lost 12.5 pounds already. He started the McDonald’s diet when he weighed around 238 pounds. He claimed that he is confident regarding his diet and is adamant to continue it for 100 days. 

The veteran TikToker plans to lose 50 pounds by the end of the diet and he is confident about it. For anyone familiar with his TikTok account, it is well known that he shares each step of his weight loss journey there.

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Kevin Maginnis follows the McDonald’s diet by eating only half the portion of food from this fast food chain. According to him, what matters is the quantity, not the quality of the food. And that is what Maginni tries to prove through this mission. 

In a TikTok video shared on Monday, Maginnis updated his recent weight loss to his fans. As per this, he had lost around 30 lbs and another good news is that his wife is also going to join him on this diet. The video shows Kevin Maginni and his wife, Melody, who details their plans to go along with the McDonald’s diet. 

According to Maginnis, many of the fans had enquired whether his diet will work for women. And he told that by making his wife participate in the diet he is going to prove that it will also work for women. The video also shows his wife, Melody sharing her opinions regarding the McDonald’s diet. 

As per her, many women have asked her whether the diet will work for postmenopausal women. She doesn’t have a clear answer to this but she is ready to take up the diet along with her husband. As he is very inspirational to her. 

Kevin Maginnis claimed that he lost around 29 pounds by day 34 of the McDonald’s diet. But at the same time, he remarked that he had gained a half pound back. In one of his recent TikTok videos, Kevin says that he doesn’t have proof regarding whether the diet works or not. Whatever that might be, he is on his way to attaining his goal. 

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