Ozempic At The Oscars: Host Jimmy Kimmel Made Ozempic Weight Loss Jokes!

Jimmel Kimmel Made Ozempic Weight Loss Jokes

Ozempic at the Oscars. The 95th Oscar events host, Jimmy Kimmel mentioned the popular Hollywood weight loss drug at the Oscars. Being prescribed as off-label for weight loss,  Ozempic had already found a place among the stars. 

Now, at one of the esteemed events of stardom, the drug has again become the talk of the town. Jimmy Kimmel joked about Ozempic at the esteemed occasion. According to him, he couldn’t stop wondering about the effects of the drug on people that had gathered at the Oscar events! Slide into the news piece to know more about how Ozempic became the star of the Oscar Awards!

Jimmy Kimmel’s Funny Remark On The Drug

At the 95th Annual Academy Awards, Jimmy Kimmel, the show host, ‌made a funny remark on the much-celebrated weight-loss drug, Ozempic. In his opening monolog, the American talk show host and comedian joked about the Hollywood craze towards this weight loss drug.

According to him, everyone sitting there looked great. And he wonders whether the drug, Ozempic will be right for him, too. This created a wave of laughter among the audience. Some of these remarks gained immense popularity on social media channels such as Twitter.

Jimmy Kimmel's Funny Remark On Ozempic

Many posted that they couldn’t believe that Kimmel had the audacity to make an Ozempic reference in front of all of Hollywood. 

The Food and Drugs Association approved Ozempic, which is a brand variation of Semaglutide, in 2017 for treating type 2 diabetes. Another variation, Wegovy, was approved for treating weight loss in 2021. Since its approval, the drug has been quite popular among Hollywood celebrities, of which many of them claimed its incredible weight loss properties.

Being the host of the show, Kimmel couldn’t help himself wondering about the drug’s amazing properties on weight loss, seeing his audience. Recently, the drug has sparked quite some talks in the town. As part of this, many celebrities have openly and hideously resorted to it for weight loss.

Although that is the case, some of the celebrities kept this a secret and denied using these drugs. But celebrities like “Shahs of Sunset” star Golnesa Gharachedaghi, openly admitted the usage of Ozempic for weight loss. In one of her recent social media posts, the star portrayed injecting the drug into herself. She mocked the hypocrisy of Hollywood towards this drug. 

Anyway, the mentioning of the Ozempic at the Oscars created quite a stir among many as they have started posting about it on their channels. For some, Jimmy Kimmel mentioning the drug in the first two minutes of the Academy Awards was “so incredibly perfect”.

Another viewer joked about this by saying “it took less than two minutes for Jimmy Kimmel to make an Ozempic quip”. ‌In total, the‌ bravery of Kimmel to address the Ozempic craze in Hollywood is being appreciated by many. The notorious popularity of this drug in Hollywood is an infamous secret. Even though many celebrities will deny its usage, they might have used it for weight loss.

The popularity of the drug for weight loss has created a shortage of these medicines to treat type 2 diabetes. As ‌off-label prescriptions of these drugs are becoming popular, the manufacturers themselves have opined that there is a current shortage of the drugs. 

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