Meghan McCain Is Being Forced To Take Ozempic To Get Rid Of Her Post-Partum Weight!

Meghan McCain Is Being Forced To Take Ozempic

Meghan McCain is an American TV personality, famous author, and columnist. Aged 38, she welcomed her second child on 19th January with Ben Domenech. The couple was blessed with a beautiful baby girl and named her Clover. They also have another daughter Liberty who is currently 2.

This should have been a truly happy and exciting occasion for her, but instead, it ended up being a topic of frustration. Meghan McCain talked about all kinds of pressures she has been facing over body image after the second delivery.

Meghan McCain’s Opinion About Ozempic Trend!

In one of the interviews, Meghan said that right after she gave birth to Clover, people have been urging her to use Ozempic to get rid of the post-partum weight! Sharing her feelings, she said that she gave birth just now and is being forced to take that “miracle shot” to melt the baby fat and get a quick fix solution.

This is disturbing, unfair, and horrifying. The American celebrity simply refused to fall into such gimmicks. The person has to take one injection a week and the excess pounds would melt away. Each injection costs a whopping $1000!

Meghan McCain Is Being Forced To Take Ozempic
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Apart from asking several questions about pregnancy, a lot of people have asked her if there are any plans of taking Ozempic.

Revolting this, Meghan McCain said that Chelsea Handler, another celebrity, has taken this but she claims that she had no idea she was on it. Recently, Kyle Richards (who got famous from Real Housewives) was seen flaunting her abs but she denied taking Ozempic.

In spite of the fact that many celebrities and personalities have admitted to using the miracle shot, many are still unable to understand why it is so popular. Even Jackie Goldschneider said how this makes her feel horrified as many of her fellow cast are using it.

What shocked this American TV personality is that plenty of industry acquaintances and casual friends have asked her if she would start using it. Meghan McCain was informed that everyone today is doing this but she doesn’t believe that it is a compelling argument. But that’s not it for these stories.

Meghan McCain Is Being Forced To Take Ozempi
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Adding to the news of this buzzing fat loss drug in the market, Meghan McCain said that several people are fighting the problem of obesity and they need this drug called Ozempic. But those who have gained a few pounds because of pregnancy don’t need it.

The new mommy was also offered Ozempic shots as a black market freebie because someone had a few extra shots lying around in the house.

Defending her reasons, Meghan said that she would not be taking it at all because it is about morality here. Taking a drug just because the swimsuit season is coming up is not right. She even questioned if this drug would be healthy.

She also shared her views on this miracle shot and said that Ozempic can damage the progress of the body positivity message that is gaining momentum today.

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