The Blood-Brain Barrier In Neuron Function: A New Conceptual Approach

Blood-Brain Barrier In Neuron Function

According to recent research, researchers have discovered a new conceptual approach for the blood-brain barrier in the damaged neuron function. According to the new findings, scientists have found a bee conceptual approach. This finding introduces a new conceptual approach that looks for therapies that are concerned with the counter damage exclusively caused by neurodegenerative diseases.

These neurodegenerative diseases can be cured by devising strategies. These strategies are implemented to counter the damage caused by the same and get the drugs past the blood-brain barrier. This barrier targets the sites in the brain and comebacks the problems. 

How Does The Blood- Brain Barrier Affect The System?

The science isn’t yet clear on the cells and how they make up the blood-brain barriers that affect the nervous system. Due to this little knowledge, we still don’t know the blood-brain barrier effect on the system’s functionality. Although we know that the blood-brain barrier is recognized and known for its ability to maintain precise control over molecules. These molecules are monitored- on who is going and who isn’t going into the nervous system.

 Blood-Brain Barrier In Neuron Function

Doctors are still arguing on the same and still don’t know about the blood-brain barrier. These are basics and that is known around for a while – says Pejmun Haghighi, who is the Buck Institute professor. He is also the Ph.D. who has revealed new roles for these cells and that is a surprise to the science-medical industry!

Pejmun Haghighi is the senior author of one of the popular studies published on august 19 in 2022. It was related to the issue in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) about the first-ever evidence on fruit flies. These fruit flies were said to signal the origin in the cells of the barrier, and also interfere with how it plays a direct role in controlling what is happening. Everything is controlled within the nerve cells and the barrier is said to protect it.

This breakdown of the blood-brain barrier is accompanied by many neurological conditions. These complex conditions vary from multiple sclerosis, and epilepsy to other neurodegenerative diseases like aging, Parkinson’s disease, and Alzheimer’s disease. 

It was also reviewed during the finding that the barrier is not just a protection check but also a source of regulation. The same was revealed by Pejmun Haghighi. These may cause problems and not just okay a byproduct of neurodegeneration. The researchers are learning that there is a two-way street that they still need to find. The research is still going on about how it may play a double role while also being a byproduct of the same.

These new findings revealed by the researchers also made us come across a new concept and approach- it was to look for therapies. These therapies can work on the counter damage that is exclusively caused by neurodegenerative diseases. Also, a device the ways that get these drugs past the blood-brain barrier. Later it can easily target the sites in the brain.

The researcher also explained his team’s findings and took an example of how the blood-brain barrier works. Let’s go through it-

Imagine a gatekeeper who is at the gate checking the IDs, he also ensures that people entering are the ones who were signed in and no new person is entering. He also keeps a check on the back door and knocks on the one who’s not supposed to be there. This is exactly how the blood-brain barrier works.

We hope this new research gets us to know more about the barrier soon! 

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