Can You Believe? Lil Wayne Forgot How McDonald’s Smells Like!

Lil Wayne Forgot How McDonald's Smells Like

Lil Wayne, the most renowned American rapper, and singer went viral for his statement. He said that he hasn’t eaten any fast food for so long. So he forgot the smell of McDonald’s. He recalled his memories on Lowe’s Apple Music radio show on Thursday.

He appeared in the show to promote his new song Kant Nobody featuring the late DMX. While speaking about his career, he remembered the early days and the shift to Miami when he was 19 years old. His mother was good at cooking and the only thing she urged him to do was get a personal chef. 

Why Did Lil Wayne Quit Fast Foods?

The American rapper accepted his mother’s advice and hasn’t eaten fast food in 20 years. He always had a personal chef. So, he didn’t taste any fast foods during these years. Now, the Grammy-winning rapper has no clue about what one of the famous food tastes like.

During the interview, Wayne didn’t reveal his fitness routine. However, Wayne is interested in skateboarding. The rapper is not active in the gym. Ayne explained that people often asked him about the workout such as the activities he is doing in the gym and when he gets in the gym, etc.

Lil Wayne Quit Fast Foods
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He sarcastically added that the only gym he knows is Jim Jones. Lil Wayne doesn’t do any workouts to strengthen his body.

Amidst the conversation, Lil Wayne asked Zane Lowe who the hell is before him and also asked the question, Was the list including all hip-hop? He also admitted that he was not a fan of Billboard and vibe’s greatest rappers of all time list, which was released earlier this month.

Wayne was ranked No.7,  among the 50 greatest rappers of all time list, but Wayne thinks that he should have been top on the list. Wayne also discussed the reason why he believes the most versatile star of hip-hop.

When comes to the career of Lil Wayne, the rapper started his career at the age of 12. He joined the label named Cash Money Records. Later, the company became one of the most successful record labels. And Lil Wayne is recognized as one of the famous hip-hop artists on the label.

Wayne is referred to as one of the greatest rappers of all time. He has got several achievements such as five Grammy Awards, two MTV Video Music Awards, eight NAACP Image Awards, and four Billboard Music Awards. The A Milli rapper currently working as the CEO of his own label named Young Money Entertainment.

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