Why Did James Corden End His Partnership With Weight Watchers?

James Corden End His Partnership With Weight Watchers

Things don’t last forever. That is what the recent fissure between TV host James Corden and Weight Watches reveals. Being acclaimed as one of the most popular ambassadors of Weight Watchers, Corden recently ended the partnership with the firm.

While the multi-million dollar worth association comes to an end, rumor is that it is due to a diva-like strop from Corden at a New York restaurant that started burning the bridges. Jump into the news story to know why James Corden has bid farewell to his partnership with Weight Watchers.

James Corden Parted Ways With Weight Watchers

After serving as an ambassador for the global weight management company, Weight Watchers, James Corden has bid farewell to the Inc. in 2022. The English actor and television host, who has been at the forefront of Weight Watchers for a long time, parted ways from the institution.

In January 2021, the actor partnered with a global weight management company and signed up for a multi-year deal. According to his spokesman, the deal with WW was completed and both parties are happy to separate on equal terms. 

James Corden Parted Ways With Weight Watchers

The 44-year-old The Late Late Show host was one of the highly successful ambassadors of Weight Watchers. As he had pulled off a 35-pound weight loss, Corden had done many interviews revealing his weight loss success stories.

Even though that was the case, the host later seemed not at all satisfied with partnering with Weight Watchers. Along with that,  the company didn’t want to renew his membership. The sudden turn of these events was rumored as a result of the TV host’s recent turf with a restaurant chain, Balthazar

The events that led to a clash between the TV host and the restaurant happened in October. Corden and his wife were visiting one of the popular restaurant chains in New York called Balthazar. The apparent clash happened when he found some irregularities with his food order.

As a result, Corden made a tantrum at the restaurant and shouted at the staff there. After this event, Keith Mc Nally, the owner of Balthazar brought this subject to Instagram and made a harsh post against Corden and his disrespectful behavior towards his staff. And he banned the TV host from ever visiting the restaurant again. 

But after this event, James Corden made a detailed apology to Keith McNally. The recent posts from Keith show that the host had apologized to him profusely. As a result, he decided to accept the apology and allow him back to his restaurant.

The rumors are that due to this event, Corden was made to leave his association with Weight Watchers. But whatever the case, the TV host had a fruitful journey along this partnership which showcased his weight loss of 35 pounds.

According to marketing experts, the association of Corden with Weight Watchers was worth millions. As the actor had lost an immense amount of weight, it helped portray the campaign for this company. In 2021, Corden revealed his motivation for weight loss.

According to him, it was for his family that he decided to lose weight. He didn’t want to lose breath while running after his kids on a soccer field. So the actor took a conscious journey towards wellness and added that along with him, his family is also part of the Weight Watchers campaign.

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