TikTok BORG Trend : Safe Or Not? EXPLAINED!

TikTok BORG Trend

BORG – Blackout Rage Gallon is the latest TikTok trend that has garnered a lot of attention lately. This is a trend where a gallon of the jug is filled with water, electrolytes, a caffeine-flavored booster, and a fifth of vodka.

According to experts, BORG is called unhealthy and should not be continued. But if the theory has to be taken into consideration, it apparently reduces the risk of drinking in college.

Why The TikTok BORG Trend Is So Popular?

BORG TikTok trend has been creating a storm all over America and is viral for its claim. Popularised on the social media platform, this method promises the youth a drinking experience with no hangover. In short, it is a less harmful way of drinking.

But there are so many viral fads that are debatable. So, does this latest trend hold any credibility or it is yet another way of attracting the youth to try new things?

TikTok BORG Trend

Traditionally, Blackout Rage Gallon is enjoyed at parties, especially day-long and tailgate events. According to Dr. Tucker Woods who is the medical director and chairperson at Lenox Health Greenwich Village; the consequences of BORG completely depend on what a person would do with the jug of drink.

There’s no denying the fact that BORG has a shock value associated with its name. The reality of this latest TikTok trend is that there are plenty of college students who started drinking. We keep on hearing some horror stories about those kids who get involved in binge drinking and there are plenty of consequences. That’s why some people look at the BORG as a safe way of letting the kids drink and take control of their alcohol consumption.

Taking control simply means that you know exactly what is in the drink mix. On the contrary, there are plenty of college parties where the kids have no idea what are the contents and they call it the “mystery drink”. So, the chances of slipping something wrong into another’s drinks reduce.

When we look at the negative aspect of this viral trend, BORG was designed with positive intentions but its execution can turn out to be different than what you assumed. As the same was discussed with the clinical assistant professor Dr. Pantea Farahmand; there are plenty of dangerous factors associated with the TikTok trend.

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TikTok BORG Trend

She said that if somebody is advertising a strategy for harm reduction, it has to go through a proper testing process. While looking at the video from our smartphones, the trend looks dangerous and if you think about what’s the right quantity for safe drinking, it shouldn’t include more than two shots. If you mix those shots with water then it is fine.

But caffeine leads to dehydration and would simmer down the positive benefits of water. Nobody cares about those added electrolytes as they don’t reduce any kind of damage.

Gen Z; a group of the population that’s most associated with TikTok would be the target of the trend. This BORG trend became popular due to the pandemic and its adverse effects on everyone.

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