Morning Workouts Are The Best Method To Burn Fat: Study!

Morning Workouts Burn Fat

Workouts have become an integral part of our lives and we all are continuously searching for ways to burn fat faster. Whether to do yoga or weightlifting; whether work out on an empty stomach or have black coffee; whether to work out in the morning or evening? One of these questions has been answered by a recent study.

According to the Karolinska Institute in Sweden; those who begin their morning with a workout burn fat faster than those who indulge in the evening. The study was conducted on mice and the results are expected to be the same in humans. These experts have said that Zone 2 (exercising with a low effort level) can be a boosting factor for weight loss.

Morning Workouts Vs Evening Workouts

The amount of fat burned by an individual depends on the timing. For instance, if you are exercising in the morning after you have rested properly, the chance of increasing metabolism and burning fat increases.

On the other hand, if you work out in the evening, the same effect cannot be observed. In the mice experiment that we talked about, the group that worked out in the active phase had a better metabolism as compared to the group that worked out at a time when it is usually their rest hour. These results were published in PNAS and have caught the attention of many people.

Morning Workouts Vs Evening Workouts

The researchers from the Denmark University of Copenhagen and Sweden’s Karolinska Institute studied different factors of fat metabolism. They analyzed the genes that were visibly active after the exercise in adipose tissue. The study also showed how an early morning workout increases the work of genes that are responsible for breaking down adipose tissue. This ultimately results in better metabolism. The results are independent of food intake and only observed in mice.

Juleen R. Zierath, who is a professor at the Karolinska Institute said that the results have specifically suggested that morning exercise can be beneficial as compared to evening exercise. This is in the context of burning fat and increasing metabolism. This study would be valuable for people who are overweight. It was collectively carried out with the research of the University of Surrey.

Previous research had found that the fat cells of our body follow circadian rhythms. These rhythms are important to maintain the metabolic rate.

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Morning Workouts

The metabolism and bariatric surgeon; Dr. Jayasshree Todkr contributed to the topic and said that any kind of exercise has an impact on our muscle mass development and metabolism. These factors play a significant role in controlling problems like diabetes and obesity.

So, the timing for the same matters because if our body is completely rested, the results are good. Whereas if it is tired or exhausted and there’s not enough hydration or a balanced diet, the results won’t be what you want.

An endurance athlete from Pune; Atul Golbole said that it is important to study if factors like exercising at the right level are important for the fat-burning process.

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