Blackpink Jisoo Diet & Workout: How The Visual Queen Maintains Her Body?

Blackpink Jisoo Diet & Workout

Against the backdrop of her first solo album “ME” gaining much popularity, the diet and workout routine of Blackpink Jisoo has become a viral topic. This viral K-pop singer had an amicable career that was enriched by her talent and beauty.

Known for her singing style and visual performance, Blackpink Jisoo is a fan favorite. One cannot be blamed for having curiosity regarding how this astonishing K-pop star maintains her slimmer figure and enchanting features.

If you are a K-pop fan and admire Blackpink, Jisoo in particular, this article is exclusively for you. Dive into the write-up to find out what kind of diet and workout routine is followed by Blackpink Jisoo to maintain her attractive physique.

About Blackpink Jisoo

One of the acclaimed members of the South Koran Girl Group music band, Blackpink, Kim Ji-Soo is known by her nickname, Jisoo. She is the lead singer and actress for the band formed by YG Entertainment. 

Blackpink Jisoo

Jisoo has a solid fan base because of her singing and acting talents. Apart from singing, Jisoo has revealed her talent in acting by performing in TV dramas such as The Producers and Snowdrop.

Blackpink Jisoo: Body Measurements

Full NameKim Ji-soo
Date of BirthJanuary 3rd, 1995
Height1.62m/5 feet 3 inches
Weight48 kg/105 lbs
Hair ColorBlack
Eyes ColorBrown
Body ComplexionFair

Blackpink Jisoo’s Diet For Weight Loss

Jisoo always follows a healthy diet for weight loss. She is regarded as one of the most beautiful members of the Blackpink. It is through sheer hard work and dedication that Jisoo maintains her health and body.

Even though she doesn’t follow any restrictive diets, Jisoo is known for portion control. She eats limited amounts of healthy food items throughout the day. Also, she eats food on time, whether it be breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

Blackpink Jisoo's Diet For Weight Loss

Most of the food items in her diet are nutrient-rich and contain many vitamins and minerals. As part of her diet, Jisoo consumes whole grains, fruits, and vegetables. She also drinks herbal teas and protein shakes. 

What Blackpink Jisoo eats in a day?

The everyday meal of Blackpink Jisoo consists of four meals. They are a breakfast, a midday meal, and a dinner. Here are the details regarding what Blackpink Jisoo eats in a day.


Sweet potato avocado toast– Both sweet potatoes and avocados are excellent combinations for weight loss. They are abundant with dietary fibers and relatively lower in calories. Additionally, sweet potatoes contain vitamins B5 and B6 which can aid in your metabolism. Studies have shown that avocados can curb your appetite and burn those extra belly fat. So a combination of both items can be an excellent breakfast choice

Scrambled eggs– Eggs are protein-rich foods that can help you lose weight while nourishing your body. Studies show that eggs can activate your digestive system and increase your satiety. No doubt why Blackpink Jisoo has incorporated eggs into her diet. 

Creamy blueberry smoothie– Blueberries have a myriad of benefits for your body. It has nutrients that can support your heart, bones, skin, and brain. Being rich in vitamin C, they can also balance your blood pressure and cholesterol levels while keeping your weight at a controlled level. 


Papaya Salad– For lunch, Blackpink Jisoo consumes Papaya Salad. Papaya is beneficial for your health in many ways. It contains antioxidants and certain vitamins such as vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin E. These fruits are excellent sources of anti-inflammatory agents and can maintain your heart health. Apart from that eating papaya is associated with an improved digestive system.


Fruit Salad– Even though Jisoo is not a snack- person, her go-to snack is fruit salad, which is a part of healthy snacking. Fruits salads are packed with many nutrients that can benefit your body in many ways. There are a lot of antioxidants, fibers, and vitamins in fruit salads. Consuming fruit salads daily can balance your blood pressure levels and aid in weight management. 


Egg-Fried Rice – For dinner, Jisoo is fond of egg-fried rice. These are abundant with nutrients such as proteins, healthy fats, multivitamins, and calcium. Eating egg-fried rice can lead to bone development and help your body with calcium absorption. 

Blackpink Jisoo Workout Routines

Blackpink Jisoo incorporates a variety of workouts to keep her body fit and slim. Along with the dance rehearsal of her group, she also does flying yoga and Pilates. The main aim of Jisoo is to build her core strength and improve her posture.

She likes to mix up her workout routine which often includes boxing, running, spinning, strength training, and HIIT. The main workout of Jisoo is Pilates.

Blackpink Jisoo Workout Routines

Here is a detailed list of Pilates exercises to maintain fitness.

  • Pilates Roll-up: 10 reps- This exercise can ensure the strengthening of your spine and abdominal muscles. 
  • Frog Legs: 10 reps- These exercises are excellent for improving your hip’s mobility and alleviating your back pain. It can also be beneficial for managing your diabetes and reducing blood pressure.
  • Donkey Kick: 10 reps- Donkey kicks are practiced to manage stability and improve the toning of your gluteus. It can also support your shoulder and core muscles.
  • Sumo Squat: 10 reps- These exercises are ideal to improve flexibility in your lower body. It tones up your inner thigh muscles and builds glutes, quads, and hamstrings
  • Side Plank: 30 sec- Practicing side planks will support the spine and improve balance. It can be beneficial to reduce the risk of a back injury. 
  • Marching Glute Bridge: 10 reps- This exercise aim to build your core and glutes. It can improve the stability of your oblique muscles and quadriceps. Practicing this workout can build your overall strength and posture. 
  • Press Ups: 10 reps- Press-ups are excellent for improving your core stability. It can enhance your athletic performance and maintain your bone health.
  • Superman: 10 reps- As the name suggests, this exercise is conducted by placing your body in the Superman position. Practicing the Superman exercise can improve your spinal support and reduce pain. It can help in body alignment and maintain your posture. 
  • Pilates Hundreds: 10 reps- Engaging in pilates hundreds will improve the abdominal muscles and enhance blood circulation. Practicing this can also boost endurance and strength in your whole body. 
  • Single Leg Stretch: 10 reps- There are both single leg stretch and double leg stretch exercises in pilates. These exercises can strengthen the muscles in your abdomen and improve your posture. 
  • Plank to Stand: 10 reps- Planks are effective exercises to stretch your spine. It works up muscles from the neck, shoulder, and back. 
  • Double Leg Stretch: 10 reps- This improves core muscles and endurance. This exercise can improve athletic performance and coordination. 

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The Bottom Line

On a glimpse through the article, you can understand that Blackpink Jisoo maintains a healthy diet and fitness regime to keep her body fit and slim. In many of her interviews, she has revealed that it is by committing to a consistent exercise routine and diet she manages to keep a healthy body.

She follows a diet enriched with fruits and vegetables. More than what she eats, the time of eating is important to her. Jisoo maintains a consistent time for her meals and eats them at the same time every day. Her daily meal consists of breakfast, a midday snack, lunch, and dinner.

Apart from diet, she also engages in consistent workouts. Along with her dance practices, she also loves to do yoga and pilates. Her core body workouts are pilates which she does without a break. Doing pilates has helped her to maintain a lean and flexible body.

For anyone who is looking for inspiration to eat healthily and work out, the diet and fitness regime of Blackpink Jisoo will be an inspiration. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  Does Blackpink Jisoo take any supplements?

In some interviews, the K-pop singer has revealed that she takes some supplements to improve her health. Some of these supplements are vitamin D, Zinc, Selenium, Fish Oil, and Curcumin.

Q. How many meals does Jisoo eat in a day?

She eats four meals a day, breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a mid-evening snack.

Q. What is Jisoo’s favorite salad?

Jisoo is fond of papaya salad which provides her with healthy nutrients. 

Q. What kind of workout Jisoo engages in?

She does dance, yoga, and mainly Pilates.

Q. Does Jisoo of Blackpink have an eating disorder?

No. Blackpink Jisoo doesn’t have an eating disorder. 

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