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Marisa Abela Loses Weight For Her Amy Winehouse Role: Here’s What She Said!

Marisa Abela Loses Weight For Her Amy Winehouse Role

Biopics always grab people’s attention more than any other genre in the film industry.  After the spectacular performance of Ana de Armas in the Marilyn Monroe Biopic titled, Blonde, the spotlight is on another rising star, Marisa Abela. According to trusted sources, the BBC drama Industry actress will play the role of Amy Winehouse, who was an iconic jazz figure in the English music arena. Marisa Abela has recently been spotted revealing the details of her weight loss journey for the role of Amy Winehouse in the upcoming Biopic on her life, Back to Black. Directed by Sam Taylor- Johnson, the filming of the Biopic started last week.

Upon its first announcement, Back to Black received numerous controversies and polemics regarding its filming and storylines. Many fans and critics have openly revolted against the storyline because of whether the movie will do justice to the revolutionary and eventful life of the Jazz genius. Amidst all these turmoils, the filming is on the go where the main actress Marisa Abela can be seen taking some real hard work to get into the character of the iconic singer. 

Marisa Abela on the struggles to play the legendary life of Amy Winehouse

Anyone who has known the life and works of Amy Winehouse will be quite aware of how tumultuous and exciting a journey it was. Her revolutionary life started even from a young age when the 14-year-old Amy was expelled from the Sylvia Young Theatre School in London. She started creating music out of her internal turmoils which soon came to be a worldwide hit. Being the first British female to bag 5 Grammy Awards, Amy Winehouse created a sensational wave in the English music industry. The Biopic Back to Black focuses on the eventful life and career of Amy Winehouse who died at a younger age, 27, due to alcohol poisoning.

According to Marisa Abela, the invitation to play the life of Amy Winehouse is one of the most challenging works she has accepted so far in her career journey. Playing the role of the legendary music icon cannot be a cakewalk. For an upcoming star like Marisa, it can be a huge break for her cinematic career itself. The 26-year-old actress who revived the character of Yasmin Kara-Hanani in the BBC television drama, Industry, is on clouds regarding the opportunity to play Amy.

Marisa Abela on the struggles to play the legendary life of Amy Winehouse
Marisa Abela on the sets of Back to Black: Getty Images

Marisa has revealed the hardships she had to go through to get to the core of the character in certain interviews. She had to train specifically in the Amy Boot Camp, which consisted of rigorous guitar training and an extreme exercise regime. For the actress, all these hardships seemed a bit struggling at first, but right now she is learning to accept the positives of the procedure in the long run.

For the Rogue Agent actress, losing weight to get into the role of Amy had its toll both on her body and mind. In one of her interviews, she revealed that growing up, she had a complicated relationship with her body. When the training to play the role of Amy started, it affected her at first. The task to lose weight felt daunting and effortful for Marisa but as she moved along, it changed her perspectives on body and mind.

According to the actress, the intense physical activities to lose weight surprisingly helped to improve her mental health. This is quite evident when Marisa now claims that she is seeing her body as an instrument that is helping her to get work done perfectly. Marisa has openly proclaimed that she is ready to give her maximum to do justice to the life of Amy Winehouse. As part of this, the actress is now learning to separate her feelings around weight loss which might be helpful for her in the long run. For the newbie in the film industry, this role can be quite path-breaking so she is all set to give 110% to it.

Back to Black is already a hit before its release majorly due to some of the talents working behind the movie. The film portrays Jack O’Connell as Black Fielder-Civil who was the ex-husband of Amy. The role of Mitch Winehouse will be enacted by Eddie Marsan. While the script of the film is done by Matt Greenhalgh, the film can be expected to be a hit in theaters. 

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