Best Bodyweight Hamstring Exercises – No Weight Lifting Or Hard Workout

Best Bodyweight Hamstring Exercises

Hamstring muscles are one of the main skeletal muscles and are a part of your body’s strength and movements. It is situated in your legs and around the strongest bone femur. There are three hamstring muscles, i.e.,  Semimembranosus, Semitendinosus., and Biceps femoris (long and short head). This manages voluntary actions like walking, running, climbing, hiking, etc. These muscles are made of multiple elastic muscle fibers and it could influence the contracting and tightening of muscles.  That’s why these muscles are most straight and strengthened. At the same time, maintenance of the strength of hamstring muscles preventing injuries or muscle weakening is very important in today’s lifestyle. Through some simple hamstring exercises and precautions, we can maintain the potency of these muscles. You don’t want to go to a gym or to any weightlifting workout sessions for that. 

Some Effective Bodyweight Hamstring Exercises

Now, we are going to discuss some of the best and most effective hamstring exercises for muscle strength. And all of them don’t need any weight lifting or other hard workout routines 

Lunges: Lunges can support the balance and coordination of your body and especially target lower body strength. It enhances the gluteal muscles and hamstring muscles activation along with boosting weight loss. At the same time, it is good for the stability of the backbone and spinal cord and helps to prevent risks of injury by bracing up hamstring muscles. You can do it in different variations and it could be a good start to a workout. 

👉How to do it: You can stand properly with your feet and place maintain a distance between two legs at least for a foot. Then you need to squeeze your glute or buttock area to ensure the front of your hips is facing forward. Please make sure that your body and spinal cord are totally straight and have no elevation to any side. You can step front and bend the knee and also keep 90angles for the front knee. Another knee can be placed on the ground and in the backward position. You can give power to the 90-degree angle and stand again and then do it the same alternatively. 

Glute Bridge: You can do glute bridges so easily and it is so sufficient to strengthen hamstring muscles and gluteal muscles. You can wear a band in between your knees when you are doing this exercise for more effectiveness and it could target your thighs more. It stabilizes the mobility of your body and increases body structure.

Effective Bodyweight Hamstring Exercises

👉How to do it: You can lie on the ground and relax your body by placing your both hands on the floor. If you are wearing a band that connects both knees will be helpful at this moment. You can bend the left knee and another one straight upwards as high as possible for you along with uplifting your hips with it. So it will be like a straight line from the toe chest portion. You can do it 10 to 15 times and change it into another leg. Whenever you are uprising your hip area you can squeeze the glute muscles and it will strengthen the whole muscle of hamstrings and gluteal muscles 

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Good Mornings: It helps all muscles including the hamstrings, lower back, and gluteal muscles. It could improve your focus and energy throughout your day and help you to sleep better at night. Ortho experts say that this exercise can increase the power of your legs and backbone.

👉How to do it: You can stand up and keep your feet a few inches apart. You can place your hand on the back of your head or ears. Then you can bend to the front and you can slightly bend your knees too, but not too much. Don’t completely do the exercise by standing straight and you can know your hips to the backside while you are bending. And please make sure that you are not over-bending or touching your head on your knees or trying to do it. 

Bodyweight Romanian Deadlift:  It is one of the complete exercises that promote better posture. Also, it helps with hamstring muscles, glutes, and back postures. It works with all muscle groups in the body and maintains your fitness.

👉How to do it: You can stand on a flat surface and lift your leg backward. At the same time, you have to point your two hands to the floor. So it is like a combined process of legs and hands. The complete force and balance will be on the leg that you are standing on. It will give power to the hamstring muscles, gluteal area, and all other body muscles. Make sure that your head and leg are in a straight line and could do enough sets with 1 leg and do it with another in another set.

Bulgarian Split Squat: Bulgarian split squat is good for your lower body, especially for your quadriceps, hamstring muscles, and abdominals. Same time it is beneficial for uplifting and strengthening glutes by strengthening, stabilizing, and balancing more. please have a sturdy chair or bench or an elevated to start this exercise.

👉How to do it: You can place the left on this chair or elevated surface and the right luck at a 90-degree angle. Then you can bend this left leg towards the ground. Please make sure that you are not lifting the right heel and that the elevated surface is not too high. This exercise is focusing on the front leg more. So please make sure that you are giving more strength to the front leg or the right leg. 

Leg Curls: Leg curls help butt and thigh muscles to strengthen and be flexible. It increases this stamina and balance for the movements. It could help hamstring muscles to perform daily voluntary activities like walking and running and prevent issues with the knee,  back, and joint pains.

👉How to do it: You have to stand on your feet and make a distance between your hips. You can place your hand on your waist or somewhere for balance and then you can slowly bend your knee. You can take your heels towards your but and keep the thighs parallel. Slow down your foot to the ground. Do it with another leg in the next round. 

Sumo Squat Leg Raises: These help your inner thighs and it is completely different from traditional squatting. It activates the adductor muscles and is totally beneficial for hips, thighs, lower back, glutes, calves, etc.

👉How to do it: You can stand straight and make a gap between your hips and thighs and also make it parallel with the floor. When you stand or come up you can slightly kick sidewards. It shouldn’t be that hard and at the same time, switch with each leg. Inhale when you go down and exhale when you go up.

Crabwalk: Crabwalk increases the strength of the body and burns more calories. It doesn’t need any heavy equipment and traces your biceps, Core, and hamstrings. Also, it increases the functions of your body and strengthens the backside. It supports toning and all muscle groups in the body.

Bodyweight Hamstring Exercises

👉How to do it: Sit down on the ground and place the hands’ backside. If you have strength, you can use your fingers. With the help of feet and hands, you can walk backward. Don’t touch the hips on the ground. 

Benefits of bodyweight hamstring exercises

There are many benefits of doing bodyweight hamstring exercises. Some of them are listed below,

  • Strengthening overall muscles of the body
  • Eases the movements of the body
  • Improves the body weight loss
  • Tone down the body
  • Strengthen the bones
  • Boost energy and mood
  • Increases cognitive health
  • Supporting sleep hygiene


    Bodyweight Hamstring Exercises are important for increasing the health of the body and improving confidence. It manages to prevent lower back pain. Apart from hamstring muscles, it focuses on the gluteal muscles too. It also manages more flexibility, and leg strength and improves voluntary movements. There is no need for weight lifting and heavy equipment now to manage the health of the hamstrings.

    If you are planning to do the Hamstring exercises, you have to maintain a healthy eating plan and always wear comfortable clothes while working out. Don’t give too much stress to your body or any part of your body while you do these exercises. And also drink enough water and have fiber-rich fruit items. A complete elevation of life can only be the solution to more strength and more lifespan. If you have any concerns or if you have worried about your health and want to start exercise and workouts you can always have a sitting with a physical trainer and Ortho specialist. Reading and researching about it could help you with better comprehension. 

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