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Ana Navarro Weight Loss: How Did She Lose Weight?

Ana Navarro weight loss

A new year with new resolutions! Sounds pretty impossible right? But for a few people in the glam industry, the motto was aptly coined. Guess who is on this new list of weight loss stories? It is none other than Ana Navarro, the co-host of the acclaimed TV show, The View.

The recent pictures of this celebrated political analyst reveal the astonishing body she has now. Some of the latest pictures from the Instagram handle of Ana Navarro showcase that the celebrity political strategist has lost some pounds off her body.

Who Is Ana Navarro?

Ana Violeta Navarro-Cardenas (nee Navarro Flores) is a Nicaraguan-born American political strategist and commentator. Being a graduate of the University of Miami, she has been associated with certain television programs for channels such as CNN, ABC News, CNN en Espanol, Telemundo, etc.

Ana Navarro

Ana Navarro is one of the co-hosts for the acclaimed TV show, The View which is currently streaming on the ABC news channel. She has even gained Emmy nominations for her stellar and stupendous performance on the show. A known Republican affiliate, Ana ardently supports gay and lesbian rights and promotes the welfare of Hispanic communities in the United States.

Ana’s Weight Loss Journey

The chain of events that spread the rumors about the TV host’s weight loss started when Athena Dion, the Miami drag queen shared a photo with Ana taken during a New Year party. In this photo, she was seen with a yellow cut-out top with puffy sleeves which she paired with tight black pants.

This post sparked an array of comments on the slimmer figure of Ana Navarro. Many congratulated her on her progress regarding her weight loss journey. Earlier that week, Ana had posted a picture of her in the pilates gym just before her 51st birthday. She captioned the post by saying even amid excruciating weather conditions in Miami, she has come to Gym for a pilates session. Many of her followers congratulated her and put comments showcasing her determination to lose weight. 

One of the posts she had shared during the Christmas holidays similarly flaunted her weight loss body. The post revealed her opening some gifts she received from George Lopez and his daughter. She was wearing a leopard print dress that clearly showed her weight loss which again sparked some comments of admiration. Many of her fans admired how beautiful her house was and also the weight loss she has achieved. Some of the fans pointed out that it is pretty evident from her face that she is losing some pounds. 

Similar to the posts she shared, one of the earlier photos Ana shared on Instagram earlier this week flaunted her weight loss figure in an all-pink outfit. The photo shows the 51-year-old walking down the street with her tiny dog and purse. The content of the post is that she is going for a drag brunch at Miami beach along with @sarahaines, and the fashion stylist for The View show, Fran Taylor suggested the look which she describes as the ‘Drag-Brunch Chic’ look.

Along the caption, she has added the funny comment that “no actual flamingos were harmed in the making of this outfit”. The Instagram post by Ana is full of comments that appreciate her new look and the weight loss she has achieved so far. On one of the comments that ask, “Who’s the young chick with the cute puppy?, she replied ”Some b***h who had @carloswolfmd injected daxxify”.

From the information gained from approved medical sources, Daxxify is an FDA-authorized injection and is the latest replacement for the Botox injection. Compared to Botox, Daxxify has many other benefits such as it can help minimize wrinkles on the face and side effects can be less. Anyway, among the weight loss rumors around Ana Navarro, the revelation regarding plastic surgery has surprised her fans.

As part of her weight loss journey, she revealed in her most recent post that she has made small conscious choices, such as ordering healthy meals on @americanair. Aside from that, she said she has stopped drinking alcohol on flights.

In the last days of November, the TV host shared that she was under a Covid attack. According to her, her complacency led to the Covid infection and she had to take a week’s leave from work. But thanks to the illness, she lost a considerable amount of weight as a result.

According to Ana, Covid is still killing people. In her own experience, a lack of proper care led to the infection. She urges everyone to properly educate on the matter from trusted sources. As per the celebrated TV host, the impact of the pandemic is still prevailing, and only by meticulous interactions can one eradicate it.

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