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RHONJ Star Dolores Catania Flaunts Her Weight Loss: Plastic Surgery Or Ozempic?

Dolores Catania Flaunts Her Weight Loss

Look who is just giving us some major weight loss goals! Dolores Catania, the ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey star is making her fans surprised by flaunting her slimmer figure! But it is no wonder to her followers that she has lost so much weight. As Dolores is always known as a fitness freak, this recent change is not that much surprising for her fans.

Since her participation in the Bravo TV reality show, Dolores is known for her active lifestyle. Being a gym owner and consistently putting her body under the knife, Dolores and weight loss is not a strange combination. Read on to find out more details regarding her amazing weight loss transformation here.

Dolores Catania About Getting Surgeries & Using Ozempic

It was in 2016, Dolores joined the cast and crew of the ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’. Before that, we could see her in many guest appearances throughout the previous seasons. In 2020, she opened up about undergoing a tummy tuck and liposuction.

Dolores Catania Weight Loss

At this time, season 11 of the show was suspended due to the Covid-19 pandemic. In an interview given to US Weekly, the star revealed that she met an amazing doctor in Maryland, Dr. Joseph Michaels. This doctor who was proficient in plastic surgery helped her to complete the surgery. 

In another interview given on November 2021, this reality star revealed having a facelift and a boob job. According to her, she had thyroid issues for a long time and as a result, her weight fluctuated a lot.

Along with this, her breasts got asymmetrical and when she felt a noticeable difference in the structure of her boobs, she decided to go for the knife. For breast augmentation, Dolores approached Dr.Aviva Preminger, a Harvard graduate plastic surgeon. As the doctor had an all-women staff at the hospital, she felt comfortable at the operation theatre. 

When she was asked about her continuous plastic surgeries and how others see them, Dolores replied that she didn’t have the support she expected. Most of her family and friends were yelling at her for doing these surgeries.

But Dolores, as always, was adamant about following it and she says she does all this to feel comfortable in her own body. Recently, she was again criticized for using Ozempic. Manufactured by Novo Nordisk. Along with many celebrities who claimed it has weight loss properties, Dolores also confessed about using it. 

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In a recent interview at ‘Watch What Happens Live’ with Andy Cohen, the 52-year-old star revealed that she is also on the Ozempic bandwagon. Being a medication prescribed to treat type 2 diabetes, Ozempic, and its reckless usage for weight loss was under criticism recently.

Dolores Catania About Getting Surgeries & Using Ozempic
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When asked whether she is using Ozempic, Dolores replied that there are no ‘housewives’ who are not on Ozempic. According to her, she is not coming back to the reunion looking bigger than anyone else. And that is why she has taken Ozmepic.

When the interviewer asked her whether she is experiencing any side effects from it, Dolores replied that there are none. She rarely feels hungry and that is the only side effect she experienced from taking Ozempic.

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