Does Ozempic Cause People To Drink Less? What Researchers Say?

Ozempic and Drinking

Right now, Ozempic is a favorite of overweight people.  Recent reports say that it can be a good friend to people with addiction disorders, especially from alcohol. Many under Ozempic have reported having lost interest in drinking alcohol.

So along with weight loss, you also lose interest in drinking. That is killing two birds with one stone! Go on to know more about the much-talked side effect of Ozempic!

Patients Report Less Interest In Drinking

Being labeled as a type 2 diabetes drug, Ozempic was soon altered as a weight loss drug. Many celebrities started endorsing the drug through their social media handles. Right now the news is that people who use Ozempic have been reporting a loss of interest in alcohol. And experts are wondering why.

Many patients who were under Ozempic prescription have come up with this strange claim. These people who usually had a habit of drinking have lost interest in alcohol considerably after the drug intake.

Scientists are keener now on this issue and are researching the reasons behind this. One reason can be the working of the Semaglutide on your brain. 

Semaglutide belongs to the family of drugs known as glucagon-like peptide 1 receptor agonists.  These groups of drugs are known to imitate a hormone in the human body that can make one feel full. Along with that, semaglutide has the proven benefit of balancing blood sugar levels and insulin in the body.

When insulin is in a normal range in the body, it can control the desire for food. For many experts, this might be the reason behind people feeling a lack of desire for food when under Ozempic treatment. 

A journal article published in the British Pharmacological Society found that GLP-1 can play a crucial role in addictive disorders.  The study that was conducted in rodents and non-human primates demonstrated a reduction in alcohol intake.

But for many experts, the relevance of the studies conducted on animals is doubtful. How much of these apply to the case of humans is still in doubt.

But another study that was conducted by a group of researchers who were funded by Novo Nordisk ( manufacturers of Ozempic and Wegovy), provided the point. The research was conducted on a randomized, placebo-controlled clinical trial.

Among the 130 people taken for the research, half of them received the compound along with CBT, and the other half was included with the placebo. It was found that the group which received the drug reported less affinity to alcohol than the other group.

These researches have provided new insight into the Ozempic revolution. If scientifically validated,  the drug can be an important step in treating alcohol and other drug addictions. 

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