Jessie J Started Eating Meat Again After Years Of Veganism! Here’s Why!

Jessie J Eating Meat After Years Of Veganism

Jessie J, one of the iconic female celebrities in the music industry is all set to break her vegan promise, not for herself but for her baby! Yes, you heard it right. The artistic celebrity is all into her pregnancy cravings and wants to eat meat after years of considering veganism. 

She wanted to have babies and wanted everything perfect from within, and hence considered going vegan. Now after years of following the same, the actress got pregnant and the baby is forcing her to break the vegan diet.

Not A Vegan Anymore!

The star has shared her thoughts on the social media platform, Instagram on how the cravings are taking over her and she cannot deny the smell of meat that is going around! She shared the stories and revealed how the body was craving meat, and she ate it!

Jessie J is not a vegan anymore
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Yes, Jessie J broke her veganism due to her baby and ate the meat due to the constant pregnancy cravings. Her order was straight from the best outlet in London called Joyces Jerk Joint Caribbean restaurant.

On her Instagram stories, the actress was enjoying the meal like a pro and also was seen adding comments following her vegan diet on how she follows the regime of pure vegan on most of her days. Babies can make you crave anything, and you should not feel sad about it- after all, it is for the baby!

Jessie Is All Ready To Welcome Her Baby

The singer and one of the blessed artists, Jessie J announced her pregnancy only in January. The singer also wrote a caption on how happy and terrified she is to share this- after years of waiting she finally has the child.

The artist also wrote to be gentle on her, and only send positive vibes for her baby. She also shared the photos, ultrasounds, and other positive things on her Instagram handle! 

Jessie J has tried earlier, and also lost a child in November 2021, it was heartbreaking, and struggling- and now she is pregnant again! The British pop singer was all broken post the loss, but god blessed her with another baby, and now she cannot keep calm but only share the news with her fans.

The artist has moved forward with more positivity and vibes- her aura is pure than ever, and she is ready to step into motherhood.

Breaking a vegan diet for the child is not a big deal, especially when you have such a  wonderful gift ahead- that is being a mother, and we wish Jessie J the same positivity and happiness!

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