Katie Maloney Weight Loss: How The ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Star Did That?

Katie Maloney Weight Loss

Is it her post-breakup glow, or did she lose weight? Fans are wondering about the amazing changes Katie Maloney has undergone recently. She lost a considerable amount of weight and this made her fans go in awe.

The famous reality star of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ flaunted her weight loss body in a recent event. Now her fans cannot suppress their curiosity regarding how she lost all those weight! Jump right into the article to find out how Katie Maloney, the bravolebrity has pulled off some major weight from her body!

Katie Maloney: An Overview

Known for her presence in the reality series, ‘Vanderpump Rules’ which premiered on Bravo TV, Katie Maloney is an acclaimed TV personality. She has acted in TV shows such as Harper’s Globe, 2009: A True Story, and BlackBox TV.

During the ‘Vanderpump Rules’, Katie met Tom Schwartz and married before the screen audience in 2016. Later, she shifted from the series and started her podcast, ‘You’re Gonna Love Me’. In March 2022, Maloney and Tom divorced after spending a long time together.

Katie Maloney: Body Measurements

Full NameKatie Maloney-Schwartz
Date of BirthJanuary 16, 1987
Height5 ft 8 in / 173 cm
Weight141 lb/ 64 kg
Bust Size35 in/ 89 cm
Waist Size25 in/ 66 cm
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBrown

Katie Maloney Weight Loss Journey

Recently, Katie Maloney shared a 25 pounds weight loss. In an interview with People Magazine, she revealed she was working with a nutritionist. As Katie was insulin-resistant, she was unable to eat certain foods.

Katie Maloney Weight Loss Journey

The nutritionist helped her to create a special food plan that can accelerate his metabolism. In the wake of doubting whether she has a thyroid disorder, Katie decided to consult a doctor. But she was diagnosed as having higher blood sugar levels. At this point, Katie realized that she needed to prioritize her health.

Her weight loss journey started in 2020 with the help of her nutritionist. She followed certain diet plans and started hitting the gym regularly for weight loss. At the end of all her efforts, she could lose 25 pounds. 

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Katie Maloney Weight Loss Diet

For weight loss, Katie Maloney was advised to follow a well-balanced diet. This diet consisted of protein, good fats, and carbs. Along with that, she consumed a lot of vegetables and fruits to increase her fiber intake.

In many of her interviews, Katie shared her stance on diet. For her, long-term dieting is not sustainable and can be set up for failure.  Now she follows an eating plan that can fuel her metabolism and body. 

Katie starts her breakfast with a partial egg-white omelet with avocado and feta cheese. These food items can fill the necessary calories and proteins enough for her morning time. Regarding snacking, Katie is not a big fan of snacks.

But she consumes fruits and nuts throughout the day to keep herself full. Lunch for Katie usually consists of a giant protein salad which is topped with roasted chicken. She eats dinner with chicken and broccoli or green beans as side dishes.

All these food items are meant to increase her protein intake and balance the nutrients in her body. 

Katie Maloney And Her Struggles With Body Shaming

Since her arrival on ‘Vanderpump Rules’, Katie Maloney was faced several body shaming trolls and comments on her social media channels. In many of her interviews, she revealed comments on her body that are utterly disgusting and shameful.

Some of these included calling her ‘Miss Piggy’ and some body shaming commenters asking her whether she is pregnant. According to Katie, she had received all sorts of body shaming comments and for her, they were sarcastically uplifting. 

Katie Maloney And Her Struggles With Body Shaming

Katie is not only a victim of body shaming outside the show. She often had to face negative comments about her body image from the cast members of the show. If you are familiar with the show, there was an instance where event planner Kevin Lee suggested to Katie that her weight was “out of control” and she need to put some really hard work into it.

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Regarding this incident, Katie remarked that it was shocking. She didn’t expect such a hurtful opinion from a co-star whom she doesn’t even have any close connection with. But amidst all these criticisms and mockery, Katie has managed to go along with grace.

According to her, she can now see her body as itself and accept it for what it is. She now realizes that as time passes, there will be changes to the body and that is natural. 

Did Katie Maloney Use Ozempic?

On asked whether Katie Maloney has joined the Ozempic bandwagon, she replied that she hasn’t used it. But she is not in favor of judging those who use Ozempic for weight loss. Recently, Ozempic is a trend in Hollywood as many celebrities claimed it worked for weight loss.

This FDA-authorized drug is usually prescribed to treat type 2 diabetes. But when another variant of this drug was authorized for weight loss, a trend of following Ozempic started. Many celebrities came for and against the usage of these semaglutide variations for weight loss. 

In an interview given to People in the context of the season 10 premiere of ‘Vanderpump Rules’, Katie opined that she is not against those who consume these drugs for weight loss. She urges everyone to do what they wish to do and understand the risks and follow their paths.

Whether there is a miracle drug for weight loss or not, the unnatural body standards on women will stay for eternity- she added sarcastically.  But her co-star Lala Kent has a different opinion regarding Ozempic. She brutally criticized those people who use Ozempic for weight loss.

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Her criticism stemmed from the context that drugs such as Ozempic prescribed for type 2 diabetes, are misused for weight loss. Even the manufacturers of Ozempic, Novo Nordisk have revealed a shortage of these drugs for diabetic patients. 


Katie Maloney Schwartz has always been a subject of body shaming trolls and comments. She has battled with negative criticism of her body throughout her life. When suspected of having Thyroid, the actress consulted a doctor.

She found out that there are variations in the levels of insulin in her body. Katie, with the help of a nutritionist, changed her diet and included more whole foods on her plate. Adhering to a healthy diet and having a positive outlook, helped her to lose around 25 pounds. 

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