Foods That Make Your Face Fat – Will It Work?

Foods that make your face chubby

Love to have a portrait beauty? 

We are all striving for an attractive appearance that makes us look sexy.

Perfect body shape, smooth face with harmonious features, silky soft hair, balanced body with ideal height and weight… these are all matters.  We run behind beauty tips and the most suitable hairstyle for our face as we are very particular with our face.

What Makes Your Face Chubby?

Genetic problems, aging, hormones, and diabetes are the common factors that may cause problems with your face. Acne, darkness under the eyes, premature wrinkles, and flushed face are the common problems that affect your confidence. We all dream of a face with a volumetric proportion. 

A flushed face or fatty face affects the aesthetic concepts. Visible fat deposit on cheeks, jowls, and under the chin and neck is commonly considered face fat. Here let us see the dos and don’ts related to face fat, especially food that we should eat and avoid.

Foods that make your face fat

What Causes The Face To Getting Fat?

Fat deposit is always an antagonist in the aesthetic concept of a person and weight loss journey. Face fat is one of the most stubborn fats that can be deposited in the human body as belly fat on the hips and lower back. According to experts, there are so many reasons for developing face fat.

🟡Weight gain is considered the most crucial reason for face fat. As we gain weight fat gets deposited in the cheeks, jowls, and under the chin and neck. This caused a negative transformation in your appearance. 

🟡Tight and smooth facial muscles become loose and sag along with aging. Aging is one of the most important reasons for the change in facial figures. People tend to look old with baggy chins and jowly necks. 

🟡Obesity or overweight is the result of unscientific and unhealthy food culture. Poor diet is the major cause of weight gain and faces fat. Excess intake of saturated fat, sugar, and carbs causes an imbalance in the weight equations. 

🟡The busy schedule of day-to-day life and unwillingness keep us away from exercise. The lack of exercise is the beginning of health gain and all obesity-related problems. 

🟡There are genetic reasons for face fat. Rounded, less pronounced facial features are genetic. Facial fat is more visible in these genetic features. 

🟡Hormonal facts also contribute chubby face. Imbalanced hormones cause overweight along with a lot of other health disorders. 

🟡Fatty face can be a symptom of health disorders such as Cushing’s syndrome or it can be the result of specific medications too. 

🟡Continuous usage of alcohol in excess amounts can also result in a fatty and swollen face. 

processed foods

Types Of Foods That Make Your Face Fat 

An imbalanced diet is the most important reason for excess weight gain. The same can also be a reason for face fat. You should avoid or reduce the consumption of the following food items to stay away from the fatty face. 

High-processed food and refined carbohydrates increase the risk of the fatty face as they contain more calories, salt, and sugar than whole foods. It is advised to say NO to pasta, white rice, white bread, sucrose, syrups, frostings, and cereals (in excess).

👉Your diet plan should be complementary to regulating blood sugar as diabetes can cause swollen face and increased appetite. 

Processed foods are unhealthy as they lose their fiber content and nutrients. They can only provide you with calories. 

Excess intake of salt can also be the reason for a fatty face. The high content of salt can be resulted in retaining water and puffiness and swelling in various parts of the body, especially in the legs and face.

having junk foods

Foods You Should Eat

If you are willing to follow an adequate diet for reducing facial fat, you will achieve your goal within a few months along with regular exercise. Here are the tips for a healthy diet that will help you to reduce your face fat. 

Hydrate yourself: Drinking water in excess is the key point when it comes to weight loss and burning of excess calories. Drinking water helps to reduce any form of inflammation in the body. Drinking water will help in rejuvenation and reducing face fat. 

Fresh vegetables and fruits: Eating lots of fresh vegetables and fruits helps you to lose stubborn fat easily. It is a proven tip for reducing face fat. Along with boosting the metabolic rate, vegetables and fruits help in the natural hydration process.

Whole foods: Always choose whole foods like fruits, vegetables, meat and eggs, and gluten-free bread and pasta in your diet. Gluten-free food can help you to reduce fatty face and whole food helps you to be active and young. 

Low-sodium food items such as peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, red beans, brown rice, quinoa, berries, apples, bananas, and pears can be the best alternatives in your diet plan to reduce fatty face. 

healthy diet

How To Reduce Your Face Fat Without A Diet?

No one likes to have restrictions on the food routine that we follow. There are few methods to reduce face fat without accompanying a strict diet plan. Proper exercises to reduce overall body fat, drinking more water, restricting alcohol consumption, opting to get enough sleep reduce the salt intake are the few tips that can be followed to reduce face fat. Face exercises are also considered to be an effective solution. 

Does Exercising Reduce Face Fat?

Face fat is one of the stubborn fats in the human body. Face fat can be reduced as we lose weight through regular exercise. Proper exercises are the most scientific method for weight loss. The overall slimming may lead to the reduction of face fat too. There are face exercises to reduce face fat. 

🔶Opening your mouth to the ”O” shape and holding for 5 seconds will help you to reduce the fat on your cheek. Repeat 20 times a day for the best result.

🔶Sucking your cheeks in and holding for 5 seconds is also beneficial for the cheek. Repeat it 20 times a day. 

🔶Move your upper lip over the lower lip as it is felt in the jaw muscles near your ears. This will give your face a perfect shape. 

🔶Slanting your head towards the back as if you can see the ceiling is also beneficial for losing face fat.


Does Losing Face Fat Make Your Jawline Better?

The jawline is the lower outline of the bone of a person’s skull. It is extending from the chin to the ears. The perfect jawline determines the shape and structure of one’s face. The perfect jawline symbolizes the health condition of the person too. There are so many factors behind the perfect jawline. Age, orthodontic development, and fat deposits are the elements that determine the shape of the jawline.

The fat deposits on the face are the main factor deciding the jawline. Losing face fat and regaining the normal skinny and bony figure of the face definitely makes the jawline better. It is not as easy as we say. It needs regular practice and self-motivation to make a person committed to the aim. 


A perfect facial figure with an aesthetic jawline really adds to your confidence. It is not easy to regain the lost body shape or facial shape as it was earlier. But, never consider it as someone else’s cup of tea and not within your reach. There can be a number of reasons for the fatty face. Imbalanced diet, lack of exercise, alcohol, smoking, health disorders, and hormonal imbalance are major causes. If you are determined, you can fight against face fat and regain your original figure. 

It is necessary to quit the lazy lifestyle of junk foods and leisure to overcome the burden of face fat. Avoiding junk food, alcohol, sugar, and carbs in excess is the first step to do. You have to increase your water intake too.

Along with performing regular exercise for overall weight loss, you can opt for facial exercises too. A veggies and fruits rich diet can help to an extent. There is nothing that you cannot reach. If you are self-determined and motivated, there are hundreds of methods to defeat your face fat.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will massaging work for facial slimming?

According to the experts, circular massages on your face are effective for fat loss. Upward motion on your chin towards the ear is really effective.   

2. What is the relationship between alcohol and facial fat?

Alcohol makes your cheeks swollen and you may look fatty. The regular conception of alcohol may lead to overall weight gain.  Experts suggest reducing alcohol for overall weight loss and slimming of the face.

3. What type of exercise should I choose for facial fat loss?

It is recommended to choose aerobic exercises for easy weight loss and facial fat loss. 

4. Can we get rid of facial fat caused by aging?

Getting a cheeky face is part of the aging process. However, we can get rid of it through proper hydration, face massage, a healthy diet, and facial exercises. 

5. Are there any creams or face masks available for facial fat loss?

Doctors and experts doubt OTC products available in the market claiming easy burning of facial fat as their authenticity is not clinically proven. 

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