Kevin James Weight Loss: How He Managed To Lose 80 Pounds!

Kevin James Weight Loss

Kevin James is someone who made all of us laugh with his witty acting and excellent comedy skills. With his memorable roles, he could create a stronghold in the American film and TV industry.

The fans were shocked when Kevin lost 80 pounds while shooting for Here Comes the Boom. Read on to know more about how this actor lost weight for the role and what helped him with that. 

Who Is Kevin James?

The ‘Doug Heffernan’ of The King of Queens, the American sitcom, Kevin James is a known comedian and actor. His famous films include Hitch, Zookeeper, Here Comes the Boom, Grown ups, I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry, etc.

Kevin James

Before becoming an actor, he started his career as a stand-up comedian. The Doug Heffernan role gained him a Primetime Emmy nomination.

Kevin James: Body Measurements

Full NameKevin George Knipfing
Stage NameKevin James
Height 5 Feet 8 inches
Weight199 lbs
Body Measurements32-26-32
Eye ColourBrown
Skin ColorFair
Hair ColourMedium Brown

Kevin James Weight Loss Journey

The weight loss journey of Kevin James started during the shooting for ‘Here Comes the Boom’. Released in 2012, it is an American sports comedy film directed by Frank Coraci. Kevin James played the role of a biology teacher in the movie, who attempts to become an MMA fighter to save the music program of his school.

For this role, Kevin coached under Ryan Parsons, the MMA coach, and the consistent training helped him to lose around 80 pounds. But his weight loss journey started even before that. Kevin was always known as a sports enthusiast, and at the age of 14, he was inspired by Michael J Jordan to take up sports.

Anyway, the real change happened when he had to associate with Ryan Parsons for the film. That is when he could lose 80 pounds in a stretch. Since then his weight has gone under fluctuations of increase and decrease. But amidst all these, the actor was successful in launching his personal weight loss campaign titled, ‘The Truth About Six Pack Abs’.

As part of the program, many DVDs were released and all of them became popular.  Many of his fans wondered how he could lose weight and here are the secrets behind his weight loss journey. 

Kevin James Weight Loss Diet

One of the secrets behind the weight loss of Kevin James was his diet. He changed his diet to a low-carb one. Along with that, he cut down all types of sugars and processed foods from his meals. By a low-carb diet, he limited the consumption of carbohydrates.

Carbohydrates are found usually in starchy vegetables, fruits, and grains. So instead of consuming these items, he started eating foods abundant with fat and protein.

Some of the foods he eats as part of the low-carb diet include lean meats, eggs, fish, cauliflower, nuts, seeds, etc. Following this diet consistently helped him to lose weight and improve his stamina. 

Kevin James Workout Plan

Another factor that led him to lose weight was exercise. For his role in the movie, ‘Here Comes the Boom’, he trained under MMA coach Ryan Parsons. Some of his training included boxing, push-ups, sit-ups, kicking, and cardio exercises. Here is a detailed list of the workout plan by Kevin James and how it benefits weight loss. 

Kevin James Workout Plan


Most Mixed Martial Arts coaches will suggest boxing for weight loss.  Boxing is ideal for weight loss because an hour of boxing can burn around 800 calories. Along with that, boxing is a full-body workout. You will get training both for your upper body and core while boxing. It also helps to build muscles and enhances your cardiovascular health.


Push-ups are an excellent method to lose weight and build more muscles. Consistently practicing push-ups can tone your upper body muscles. Being body weight exercises, they can improve your athletic stamina and resistance. 


Practicing Sit-ups can burn body fat tremendously. Studies show that a moderate intensity of push-ups for 10 minutes can burn at least 60 calories. It can also help to strengthen your core and build abdominal muscles. For people who are struggling with cellulite in the thighs, sit-ups are an excellent choice of exercise.


Known as a de-stressing exercise, kicking or kickboxing can be ideal for weight loss. They can be helpful to remove love handles and belly fat which are the common signs of being overweight. Apart from this, kickboxing can also improve your heart health and tone up your muscles. It can also improve your coordination and enhance your mental health


Cardios are usually committed to burning calories. Some of the best cardio exercises for weight loss are cycling, swimming, aerobics, walking, basketball, running, etc. Practicing cardio can increase the heartbeat and breathing rate and thereby will keep your lungs and heart healthy.

The Bottom Line

In short, the weight loss trajectory of Kevin James can be said to be a journey of ups and downs. Being a big guy since childhood, it was not easy for him to lose weight. It was for a movie role, that Kevin decided to change his lifestyle and reduce his weight.

He attempted the training and coaching of MMA and incorporated it into his workout methods. Along with that, Kevin also changed his diet to follow more healthy food habits. All these factors culminated in his weight loss and he could lose around 80 pounds during this time. 

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Q. When did Kevin James lose 80 pounds?

Kevin James lost 80 pounds in the role of a mixed-martial artist in the movie, ‘Here Comes the Boom’.

Q.  How much weight Kevin James had while playing this role?

He weighed around 300 pounds while playing for ‘Here Comes the Boom’.

Q.  What type of workouts did Kevin follow for weight loss?

He did intensive training with a focus on boxing and cardio.

Q.  Who was Kevin James’ trainer?

The MMA coach Ryan Parsons was his trainer.

Q. What kind of diet was followed by Kevin James?

He followed a low-carb diet for weight loss. 

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