Gwyneth Paltrow’s Strict Dieting Pattern Has Been Criticized By Dieticians!

Gwyneth Paltrow Receives Backlash For Her Strict Dieting Patterns

Not everything you see and hear from social media is true. That is what the recent backlash against the Gwenyth Paltrow diet shows. In the latest podcast, she revealed her diet and this has caused some serious concerns. 

Many dieticians have expressed their dissatisfaction regarding her diet because it is extremely restrictive and unhealthy. TikTokers calls Gwyneth, the ‘Almond Mom’ because she encourages disturbing diet patterns through the channel. Dive right into the news to find out more about how Gwyneth Paltrow has been called out for her unhealthy diet routines.

Tiktokers Call Gwenth Paltrow An ‘’Almond Mom”

The ‘Avengers: Endgame’ actress Gwyneth Paltrow recently talked about her diet and many dieticians have called ‌it unhealthy. The backlash against her diet started when the actress shared her wellness routine in a podcast, ‘The Art of Being Well’.

According to her, she finds joy in the food she consumes and it is mostly a paleo diet. Her podcast talk was later shared as a TikTok video where many criticized her diet and called her an “almond mom”. ‌ It is a derogatory term used to describe an older woman who follows and persuades extreme dietary and exercise habits. 

Tiktokers Call Gwenth Paltrow An ‘Almond Mom
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Many of the TikTokers commented on her video, saying her diet sounds like a colonoscopy prep and asked whether starving is considered wellness. This means that fans and followers are concerned about her diet and are doubtful about its effectiveness.

According to Gwyneth, she drinks coffee, celery juice, and lemon water in the morning. Dieticians criticize this eating pattern as unhealthy as these are not exactly meals, but beverages. Also, for lunch; Paltrow has a green soup and bone broth.

These are barely food and can cause calorie deficiency. At night, Gwyenth eats a vegetable-heavy meal. Dieticians consider this kind of diet as restrictive and not favorable for health. So in brief, the daily eating habits of Gwyneth include an early paleo dinner, fasting until noon and exercising for an hour, and a lunch with some soup such as bone broth.

Many studies have debated the efficacy of the paleo diet, stating the fact that it has the power to cause health conditions like osteoporosis, heart disease, and bone issues. Many TikTokers have criticized the diet of Gwenyth as she is encouraging undereating and extreme diet measures. 

Dieticians call Paltrow’s diet calorie restrictive and insufficient for energy balance. And one needs enough energy to work out. Gwenyth doesn’t eat much to have the energy to engage in physical movements.

But what Gwyneth has to say regarding her diet is that it is done for detoxing and methylation. But according to dieticians, our kidneys and livers have a natural ability to detox unless there are any severe issues with them. 

The current criticism of Gwenyth’s diet has arisen because many other people will try to emulate her diet regime. Dieticians warn celebrities who hail certain diet cultures without any solid ground on social media channels. These celebrities are causing real harm to other people as they will take up these unhealthy eating patterns and will have serious health issues from that. 

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