Nemaura Reports That 100% Of Miboko Health Program Patients Lost Weight

100% Of Miboko Health Program Patients Lost Weight

Many weight loss stories and programs are on a trend nowadays. Among all this hubbub, a recent health program launched by Nemaura Medical Inc has been found successful. Almost 100% of the participants who had enrolled in the Miboko health program have lost a major share of their body weight.

Known as the forerunner in commercializing noninvasive wearable diagnostic devices, Nemaura is a medical device company based in the United Kingdom. Established in 2013 by Dr. Faz Chowdhury, the company specializes in integrating science and technology in discovering diagnostic equipment which can be worn over the body. Their latest inventions named SugarBEAT and ProBEAT were an instant hit. SugarBEAT is a non-invasive diagnostic device that can monitor your blood sugar levels accurately. 

How Miboko Helped Patients To Achieve Weight Loss?

Miboko is the latest health program by Nemaura in association with the National Health Service of the United Kingdom. According to the official website of this program, the motto of this scheme is to deliver the knowledge behind taking control of one’s health into their own hands. The program makes use of advanced health technology to enhance the health and wellness of people.

As per the information shared from their website, they integrate unique and advanced technology with daily routine and thereby help to analyze the daily health statistics of each person. It is the first kind of program that coordinates the technology behind a daily-wear noninvasive diagnostic sensor with a lifestyle app that can record information regarding your daily routines. 

Miboko Helped Patients To Achieve Weight Loss
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As the first step of the program, Miboko recruited 30 people who had a Body Mass Index in the obese category. By implementing the strategies of this program, they found that after 10 weeks these people had an average weight loss of 3.7 pounds. Almost 100% of people who participated in the weight loss program witnessed some level of weight loss.

Compared to similar programs of this nature, it was found that the weight loss on average was higher with the Miboko program. From the information shared by the sources behind Miboko program, the project is to be continued for one year and is waiting for further optimization. Each month, new patients are enrolled in this program understanding the quality and effectiveness of the project.

The Miboko program analyzes the patient’s metabolic health by using advanced diagnostic tools. One need not have a doctor’s prescription to participate in the program. Based on the information shared on their official website, the program will be favorable for those who are suffering from conditions such as prediabetes and obesity.

Miboko has partnered with the NHS through the National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR), which is the major funder of healthcare research in the UK. NIHR funds programs that are of a wide variety of nature including Evidence Synthesis, Health and Social Care Delivery Research, Efficacy and Mechanism Evaluation, Health Technology Assessment, Policy Research Program, Public Health Research, etc.

The results from programs such as Miboko are further analyzed and certified as Research Ready by the Royal College of General Practitioners. Also known in the abbreviated form of RCGP, it is a professional association of medical practitioners in the United Kingdom. From the official website of the Miboko program, it is evident that the Beta program is free for anyone from any country. So you can participate in the program free of cost.

The program works by applying a wearable sensor to your body and calculating your metabolic score from it. The sensor will then recommend a better and healthier metabolic score for you to achieve. You need to wear Miboko sensors once or twice a month. Each month, you will be given recommendations to reach your target based on monthly reports on your health. The program is suitable for anyone with a normal healthy body. If you are suffering from any kind of chronic condition, make sure to consult your doctor before enrolling in the program.

The aim of the Miboko program by Nemaura Medicals Inc is to help people attain optimum health standards and eliminate the threats of chronic health conditions from their lives. The initial results of the metabolic health program of Miboko are surely a milestone in the field of public health. Many of the participants who have lost a considerable amount of weight from the program have expressed their readiness to continue with the project.  Being the first to combine wearable diagnostic sensors and analyze daily routines through a lifestyle app, Miboko has surely become a pioneer in the public healthcare industry.

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