‌‌TikTok Bans The Account Of Nashville Man Because Of Promoting Mcdonalds Diet!

TikTok Bans The Account Of Nashville Man

Diet culture has dominated our world. Recently, a bizarre McDonald’s diet has become popular on some TikTok channels. Started by a Tennesse man named Kevin Maginni, this diet promoted eating only McDonald’s for weight loss.

Surprisingly, this diet garnered much attention. Kevin himself testified to the benefits of the diet by claiming some amount of weight loss. But in recent news, TikTok has banned his account because his diet is against community guidelines.

Mcdonald’s Diet Violates Community Guidelines

The Nashville man, Kevin Maginnis, known for his weird McDonald’s diet for weight loss, was banned from the social media platform TikTok on Tuesday. Recently, his weight loss endeavor by eating only McDonald’s became quite popular on TikTok.

The 55-year-old, a business coach and vlogger from Nashville, US had undertaken a 100-day challenge for weight loss by eating only McDonald’s. He had a TikTok channel named @bigmaccoaching, which shared the details of his weight loss journey. 

As per his TikTok handle, he plans to eat nothing but ‌McDonald’s for the next 100 days. In his TikTok, channel, he recorded every detail of his diet. As per this, he limited his meal intake to three times a day and restricted the amount of food he consumed.

Mcdonald’s Diet Violates Community Guidelines

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According to his channel, he had lost a weight of 12.5 pounds by February 21, 2023. Later, he expressed his wish to cut down 50 pounds by the end of his diet. It is in this context, he was banned from TikTok.

According to Kevin, he woke up on Tuesday receiving a ban notice from TikTok stating he was “violating community guidelines”. TikTok has banned him because he is encouraging “dangerous weight loss” and promotes others to take up this harmful challenge.

As per this popular social media channel, his diet can cause serious health issues, and spreading this as a challenge is violating community guidelines. But what Maginni has to say regarding this ban is that he is not doing anything against the laws.

According to him, he doesn’t encourage others to start the diet unless they are consulted by their doctor first. Maginni is very much confident that TikTok will restore his account soon. In the meantime, he is planning to upload his weight-loss videos on other social media channels such as Instagram and YouTube. 

The bizarre diet of Kevin Maginni has not only made a stir on TiKTok. He was very much celebrated through interviews and youtube videos. For many people, the diet of Maginni reminded them of Morgan Spurlock.

Morgan is an American documentary filmmaker who created a documentary film titled Super Size Me in 2004. The documentary showcased Morgan eating McDonald’s for 30 days consecutively and explored the corporate influence of this brand. 

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