Will Skipping Breakfast Help You Lose Weight? Here’s What Dr. Micheal Mosley Has To Say!

Dr. Micheal Mosley about skipping breakfast

There is a saying: Eat breakfast like a king. Almost all health experts advise on the role of a healthy breakfast in our diets. But how much of this is‌ true? For the acclaimed science journalist, Michael Mosley, there is some point to make. 

There are many diet myths around us. One of them is that skipping breakfast can lead to weight gain. Jump on to know what Micheal Mosley, the author of ‘The Fast 800 Keto’ has to say in this regard.

Micheal Mosley Untangles Popular Diet Myths

On his ‘Fast 800’ website, the doctor-journalist persona has deciphered one of the oldest and most prevalent diet myths. According to him, the common saying is that breakfast can rev up our metabolism and help us prepare for the day.  Well, this suggestion seems plausible, but he asks whether it is scientifically true. 

In his blog post, the doctor has elucidated this concept along with disclosing some other diet myths. Accordingly, research to evaluate this statement had been conducted where 300 overweight volunteers participated.


Among these volunteers, those who normally skip breakfast were asked to eat breakfast for a duration, and those who eat breakfast were asked to skip it for a ‌duration. These volunteers were given a 16-week time. The researchers analyzed their weight after 16 weeks. 

The findings of this study were impactful. It was found that those who skipped breakfast and later adhered to eating it lost an average of 0.76 kg. While those habitual breakfast eaters who later adhered to skipping it lost almost a similar amount, that is, an average of 0.71 kgs. 

From this study, researchers found that eating breakfast had no crucial impact on weight loss. But at the same time, if one finds eating breakfast helps them to avoid cravings further in the day can practice the habit as it is. Even Dr. Mosley eats breakfast regularly, but it is supplemented with the intention of weight loss. 

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Skipping breakfast and body weight

According to Dr. Mosley, people have different approaches toward breakfast. While some people rush to eat breakfast when they get up in the morning, some like to hold off on that for a little while. This is because a lot of people don’t get hungry in the morning.

One of the reasons behind this behavior as for Dr. Mosley is that some people want to extend the overnight fast.  By overnight fasting, it means extending ‌the time since the last meal. According to him, there is no right or wrong regarding breakfast timing.

One should choose what works for oneself and doesn’t have to feel guilty about it. But any of this doesn’t mean that one can indulge in unhealthy eating patterns later in the day. 

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