Andy Cohen Gets Dragged For Praising Celebrities Using Ozempic For Weight Loss!

Andy Cohen Gets Dragged For Praising Celebrities Using Ozempic

The discussions on Ozempic have created a division of opinions among Hollywood celebrities. While some seem to support it for weight loss, another group is strongly against using the drug for weight loss.

In this context, some fans have raised criticism against Andy Cohen, who praised some celebrities for using Ozempic. Jump into the news to know what Andy Cohen, the famous Bravo TV host has to say about the recent backlash against his Ozempic remarks!

Cohen’s Statement Causes A Series Of Criticism!

Andy Cohen is the acclaimed host of Bravo TV’s late-night talk show, Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.  The show focuses on a series of interactive talks on entertainment, politics, and pop culture with the Bravolebrities.

But right now, certain comments made by Andy Cohen on the weight loss drug, Ozempic have created a stir of criticism from his followers. The 54-year-old, reality television tycoon was pressured to answer the questions from his fans on several comments he made praising the Ozempic drug. Ozempic, manufactured by Novo Nordisk, has been in the news recently for its controversial properties. 

Andy Cohen Gets Dragged For Praising Celebrities Using Ozempic

The drug was manufactured and stipulated to treat type 2 diabetes. But when it was found that the drug had weight loss properties, a parallel trend of using it for this purpose started. This trend was accentuated when certain celebrities publicly admitted using it for weight loss.

This created an unhealthy trend all over social media where hashtags such as #ozempicforweight loss began spreading. All these led to a shortage of Ozempic for type 2 diabetic patients. In this context, many experts and celebrities came forward against using this drug for weight loss. Recently, the Game of Thrones actress Sophie Turner called out Ozempic ads for weight loss, calling it an absurd and meaningless trend. 

Cohen came face to face with criticism on his latest issue of the Sirius XM show, “Radio Andy”. He shared a DM from one of the viewers who asked him why Ozempic has become a steaming topic. According to critics, it is the third time that they are hearing the host praising Ozempic for weight loss on his guests.

These critics called out Cohen on his recent talk show with Dolores Catania, the ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’, castmate. Catania in her chat show with Cohen revealed that she was joining the Ozempic bandwagon as she is not ready to join the RHONJ reunion looking bigger than anyone else. 

Cohen even admitted the actions of Catania as she had done the right thing. But later in the context of criticism, he had to acknowledge that sometimes the topic of weight loss can be a bit of a “slippery slope”. 

The Situation Has Been Clarified By Andy Cohen!

Upon the onset of criticism, Cohen had to adjust his statements in a defensive tone. According to this Bravo TV host, he didn’t mean to congratulate Catania on her weight loss. Instead, he clarified that he noticed her thinness and congratulated that aspect.

Cohen later explained that he was trying to deliver the good news to his audience. For him, if Dolores appears looking 15 pounds lighter, it is his duty to find out the reason behind it. 

Since its approval in 2021, drugs like Ozempic and Wegovy have created a storm in the weight loss industry. These semaglutide variations can balance blood sugar levels and control the appetite. That is why many have started using it as a means of weight loss.

But experts warn that these drugs come with serious side effects such as nausea, constipation, vomiting, and even long-term conditions such as thyroid issues, gallbladder problems, and kidney issues. 

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