Lauren Ash Weight Loss: Secrets Behind Her Inspiring Weight Loss!

Lauren Ash Weight Loss

Amid her entry into the 2023 ABC series ‘Not Dead Yet’, the weight of Lauren Ash has become the talk of the town again. Renowned as a Canadian actress and comedian, Lauren has always taken ‌bold decisions regarding her body and weight. She was a constant subject of body shaming from the beginning of her professional career.

Now, as her entry into the new television series becomes a sizzling topic, her weight loss has once again resurfaced. Dive right into the news to know how the actress deals with criticism towards her body and what she has to say regarding weight loss.

Who Is Lauren Ash?

Best known for her role as Dina Fox on the sitcom Superstore, Lauren Elizabeth Ash is a Canadian actress and comedian. She won the acclaimed Canadian Comedy Award ‌for Best Female Improviser in 2006 and 2007.

Lauren Ash
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Lauren is an alum of ‌Second City Chicago Mainstage. Her major acting career expanded through television series such as Scare Tactics, Almost Heroes, Lost Girl, Cracked, Bomb Girls, and Call Me Fitz. ‌Her film journey involves movies such as Lars and the Real Girl, Camille, Dirty Singles, The Disaster Artist, etc.

Lauren Ash: Body Statistics

Height5 ft 7 in/ 170 cm
Weight154 lb/ 70 kg
Breast/Bust size37 in/ 95 cm
Waist size27 in / 71 cm
Hips size36 in / 92 cm
Bra size42D (US) / 95D (EU)
Cup sizeD (US)
Hair colorBlack
Eye colorDark Brown
Race/ ethnicityWhite

Lauren Ash Weight Loss Journey

Throughout her acting career,  Lauren Ash has been both celebrated and shamed for her body.  In an Instagram post, she revealed that when she was overweight, people were concerned about her health. But when she lost weight, these concerns didn’t stop. Lauren Ash remarks that she feels like there is no winning as a woman. 

In a post she says, many people messaged her that she feels no longer a role model as she has lost weight. To this message, Lauren replied that her body is the only thing that makes her eligible to be a role model.

And some other groups of people ask her, what is the weight loss secret? She replied that she avoided stress in her life. ‌Whatever the case, all Lauren had to say was to stop focusing on her body. In her opinion, people won’t focus on a male body to evaluate their contributions and why this hypocrisy is only regarding a female body.

Lauren Ash Weight Loss Journey
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According to her, there was no specific diet or medical procedure that helped her ‌lose weight. She untangled herself from stress. As per her, amazing things happen when one cuts out stress from their life. In some of her earlier posts, she has revealed the importance of loving one’s body. She proclaimed that she was going to dress like the rock star she was and going to celebrate her life. 

The actress has revealed that she received many private messages from her followers detailing how much they hate their own bodies. ‌For all of those messages, Lauren has to say one thing. Love your body as it is. She wishes that these people could see the beauty in themselves.

According to her, beauty is not determined by size, and value is neither based on one’s weight. She wants everyone to enjoy their lives instead of complaining about them as life is too short for any unwanted stress and anxiety disorders.

For the fans who asked about the secret of her weight loss journey, she revealed that it is nothing but a personal loss that made her ‌shift her viewpoint. It taught her the importance of removing stress from life and helped her ‌prioritize her needs and wants. According to Lauren, you never know how much harm you cause to your own body until the decision to remove all that stress is taken.

For everyone who seeks some weight loss tips from Lauren Ash, she says to enjoy their own bodies and life as it is. ‌For her existence itself is a reason to enjoy and be grateful for one’s life. 

Lauren Ash Revealed Her Journey With PCOS

In an earlier Instagram post, the actress mentioned her struggles with PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). She posted an image of herself before and after getting treatment for this condition.

According to her, the picture on the left was taken 5 years ago. ‌In the post, she can be seen sharing her past struggles with ovarian cysts. She recalls those days as extremely painful. The surgery had its impact on her body as she had real difficulty ‌shooting for Superstore.

Lauren Ash Revealed Her Journey With PCOS
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Lauren Ash shared all these stories because she wanted people to know that commenting on other people’s bodies is not a good thing to do. 

The 40-year-old actress revealed that PCOS hindered her weight loss journey. Even though she engaged in exercise and diet, she continued to gain weight. But whenever she shared this information with people, they found it hard to believe.

One of the harrowing experiences she had as part of the body shaming from the public was while filming for the last episode of Superstore. She was asked whether she was pregnant because of her weight. The filming for the series was tedious on its own and she had to undergo two surgeries in between.

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What Is PCOS?

PCOS also called Polycystic ovary syndrome, is a medical condition caused by abnormal production of androgens, the male sex hormones. Like the name, numerous small cysts form inside the ovaries as part of the condition.

Having high androgen levels can hamper the menstrual cycle of women. The real cause of this condition hasn’t been found yet. If your mother or sister has the condition, there is a high chance of you developing it. Some of the symptoms of PCOS are listed below:

  • Irregular or missed periods
  • Ovaries with cysts or abnormal size
  • Abnormal hair growth in chest, back, and stomach
  • Weight gain and belly fat
  • Acne on the face and oily skin
  • Hair loss or hair thinning
  • Infertility
  • Dark skin patches and skin tags

The Bottom Line

Acclaimed for her TV and film roles, Lauren Ash has always been a fan favorite. From her social media handles, it is clear that she had to suffer from many body-shaming comments. In some of her posts, she revealed her struggles with PCOS and how it hindered her weight loss journey.

She always put a firm stance on her body and retaliated against people who put unnecessary focus on her body and weight. For many people who struggle with weight loss, the life and journey of Lauren Ash is a real inspiration. 

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