Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss: A Stellar Journey Of Transformation!

Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss

Bridesmaids, Gilmore Girls, Tammy,.. the list never ends. We have seen Melissa McCarthy all over Hollywood. This two-time Academy Award nominee has shocked her fans by flaunting her weight loss since previous years.

The actress known for her big body and plus-size roles has proved that there is nothing she cannot do. Melissa has now shown her uber talent in weight loss too. Jump right into the article to find out how Melissa McCarthy lost a considerable amount of weight!

About Melissa McCarthy

The ‘Sookie St.James’ of ‘Gilmore Girls’, Melissa McCarthy is a well-known American actress, comedian, writer, producer, and fashion designer. Through an acting career that spans three decades, McCarthy gained several accolades and honors.

Melissa McCarthy
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It includes a nomination for the Academy Awards in the Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress categories, Primetime Emmy Awards, Golden Raspberry Awards, and the list goes on. In 2016, Times named her as one of the 100 most influential people in the world. 

Melissa McCarthy: Body Statistics

Full NameMelissa Ann McCarthy
Date of BirthAugust 26, 1970
Height5’2” (157 cm)
Weight 88 kg (194 pounds)
Bra Size40 C
Shoe Size9 (US)
Dress SizeN/a
Body Measurements43-38-45
Eye ColorGreen
Hair ColorLight Brown

Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss Journey

Melissa McCarthy was always outside the expected weight standards of Hollywood. She used her body as the medium of her acting career and successfully portrayed many plus-size characters on screen.

But recently, the actress has shocked her fans by pulling off some amazing weight loss. Even though many speculate that she used some diet pills or surgery to reach this point, it is all false claims.

Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss
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McCarthy achieved a weight loss of around 75 pounds with sheer determination and hard work. On being asked how she perceives her body, McCarthy recollects the memories of the beginning of her acting career.

It was after reaching Los Angeles in the late 90s she gained weight around 25 pounds. This was due to her unhealthy eating habits and lifestyle choices. But later on, she felt that she needed to control her weight.

For this purpose, McCarthy consulted a doctor and was suggested to follow a weight-loss liquid diet. By four months, she could lose around 70 pounds. 

Melissa McCarthy Weight Loss Diet

Even though McCarthy was alleged to take diet pills and surgery for weight loss, she claims that she didn’t use any shortcuts for weight loss. Instead, the actress decided to lose weight by following a strict diet and fitness regimen.

As part of her diet, Melissa ditched the consumption of processed foods and added sugars. She shifted into a high protein and low carb diet. It consisted of eating a lot of vegetables, fruits, lean meats, fiber, and healthy fats. Here is a glimpse into the daily eating habits of Melissa McCarthy. Check out what she eats in a day here.

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What does she eat in a day? 

Melissa McCarthy follows a protein-rich diet by reducing her calorie intake. As part of her dietary changes, she was suggested to restrict her daily calorie intake to 500 calories. 

BreakfastGrilled chicken breast+Scrambled egg whites, spinach and mushrooms, and a green smoothie.
Mid Morning SnackSteamed broccoli, carrots, grilled fish, and lemon water
LunchGrilled chicken breast, quinoa, steamed veggies, and hot green tea
Evening SnackGreek yogurt and toasted almonds, lemon water
DinnerGrilled beef, steamed veggies, lemon water

Melissa McCarthy Workout Regimen

In many of her interviews, Melissa revealed that she was not at all fond of working out. But when the decision to lose weight hit her, she changed her mindset. She hits the gym for 5 days a week.

Her trainer incorporates a variety of exercises in her workout schedule to make it interesting for her. Along with that, McCarthy also practices some martial arts to stay fit.

Her regular workout routine consists of rowing, kickboxing, strength training, and resistance exercises. Here is a detailed list of the workout plan of McCarthy.

  • Monday– On Mondays, Melissa engages in a total body workout. It includes exercises such as pushups, jumping jacks, air squats, crunches, wall sits, etc.
  • Tuesday– Melissa does cardio workouts on Tuesdays. It also includes 30 minutes of martial arts and 15 minutes of rowing.
  • Wednesdays– Wednesdays are for lower-body workouts. She practices resistance training which works up her legs and glutes. Some of these include dumbbell squats, barbell deadlifts, etc.
  • Thursday– On Thursdays, Melissa engages in martial arts and burpees.
  • Friday– Her trainer suggests working out her upper body. The exercises include chair dips, dumbbell bench presses, dumbbell shoulder presses, etc.
  • Saturday– On Saturdays, she sometimes does cardio workouts.
  • Sunday– Sundays for Melissa comprise stretching and yoga for a few minutes. 

Weight Loss Tips From Melissa McCarthy

From the weight loss methods of Melissa McCarthy, we can understand some basics of the weight loss rule followed by her. Here are some weight loss tips inspired by Melissa McCarthy’s weight loss journey.

Ditch junk food: One of the weight loss tips from Melissa McCarthy is to eliminate junk foods. 

Increase your hydration: Drink plenty of water. It can aid in digestion and keep you full for longer.

Eliminate fad diets: Diets can be good for weight loss. But this doesn’t mean you need to blindly follow some fad diets.

Sleep is important: While it can seem unrelated, having quality sleep is important for weight loss.

Exercise often: Even if you cannot keep up with exercising regularly, try to find some time to move your body.

Go for fresh foods: Consume more vegetables, fruits, and farm fresh produce instead of eating junk foods and ready-to-cook items.

Did Melissa McCarthy Undergo Weight Loss Surgery?

While many of her fans speculate that the actress might have undergone weight loss surgery, she has rejected it. According to Melissa, her weight loss is the result of a consistent diet and workouts. She hasn’t committed to any sort of weight loss surgery to shed those extra pounds.

But many of her co-stars have undertaken bariatric surgery to aid in weight loss. Experts suggest weight loss surgery is recommended for people who suffer from extreme cases of obesity. In this procedure, a part of your stomach is being operated out.

As a result, you will not feel hungry much and it can result in weight loss. Melissa McCarthy has rejected all claims of bariatric surgery for weight loss. For her, weight loss was the result of years of hard work and effort. 

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The Bottom Line

On going through the article, you can understand that Melissa McCarthy lost weight through sheer hard work and determination. She followed a protein-rich and calorie-deficit diet to lose weight.

Along with that, she eliminated processed foods and added sugars from her diet. Coupled with diet, Melissa followed some fitness regimes. She committed to a regular exercise routine for 5 days a week.

Even though some paparazzi claim that she lost weight through surgery, it is not true. The weight loss story of Melissa McCarthy is a true inspiration for anyone who wants to lose weight. 


Q. What kind of diet was followed by Melissa McCarthy?

She followed a type of keto diet to lose weight.

Q. How much weight did Melissa McCarthy lose as part of her weight loss endeavors?

Melissa lost around 75 pounds as part of her weight loss journey.

Q. What kinds of exercises did Melissa McCarthy follow for weight loss?

She engaged in cardio, strength training, and resistance training.

Q. Did Melissa McCarthy undergo any bariatric surgery for weight loss?

No. She hasn’t done any weight loss surgery.

Q. What did Melissa McCarthy eliminate from her diet to lose weight?

To lose weight, Melissa eliminated processed foods and added sugars from her diet. 

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