Are Bananas Good For Weight Loss? What’s The Science Behind It?

Bananas Good For Weight Loss

Fruits and Vegetables are a source of a healthy diet in the human body. One such magic fruit that can be incorporated into our daily diet is a Banana. A banana a day can help us to regulate our digestion and provide a healthy heart. It contains essential antioxidants and nutrients along with carbs and fibres.

Fat and Protein contents are less in bananas and hence contain fewer calories. Some essential minerals and vitamins such as potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, vitamin B6, copper and manganese can be found in a banana. It can help in regulating and maintaining a healthy body weight depending on its consumption based on its ripening stages.

Anti-obesity Properties Of Bananas

A green banana which is yet to be ripened has high resistant starch content and less sugar content which in turn helps in digestion as it acts like a soluble fibre and helps in the regulation of reduced levels of blood sugar and weight loss. The rise in blood sugar is calculated by measuring the glycemic index (GI).

Anti-obesity Properties Of Bananas

Green bananas have lower GI value and can help in maintaining a stable blood sugar level. Having a green banana can make one feel full and increase the time period to have the next meal, thus decreasing the chances of obesity.

Though an unripe has the beneficial high-resistant starch, it can taste bitter. One can consume this by making the healthiest smoothies with added sweeteners such as honey. Another option to intake green bananas is by preparing cooked dishes or can be used as banana flour.

Properties Of Ripened And Yellow Banana

Unlike the green banana, ripened banana has a high amount of sugar which is developed when the starch which was beneficial breaks down. The sugar rises from glucose to fructose as a banana start overripening.

This happens when the starch in the banana naturally breaks into sugar as it starts ripening. Less fibre is found in an extremely ripened banana, and consuming it frequently along with other foods with high sugar content may only favour diabetics other than help in stabilising it.

Properties Of Ripened  Bananas

A yellow banana is definitely a good option to consider for a healthy nutritional diet. All the good ingredients with the vitamins and minerals of a banana can be found in a yellow banana which is rich in fibre and less fat. Bananas with oatmeal or banana with butter and nuts are some ways to consume bananas in our daily diet.

One fruit which is the healthiest carb is definitely a banana as it contains potassium which supports the muscle. It contains folate that regulates our mood. As per medical studies, banana pulp dietary fibres, an ingredient used in preparing food is functional to prevent obesity.

How To Consume Bananas Healthily?

Banana is a powerhouse of several vitamins and minerals that can be consumed as early age as 6 months. As a matter of fact, smashed bananas are considered one of the first safe food to give to babies when they start their solids. Bananas are consumed by all age groups from children, and pregnant women to senior citizens as it is easy to consume fruit on the go.

Eating a banana in adequate amounts early in the morning along with other dishes such as oatmeal can help an individual with weight loss as it fills the stomach and promotes less hunger throughout the day. Another interesting fact is that the peel of a banana when rubbed to our skin and left at night, can provide a healthy good skin glow.

Individuals looking towards weight loss recipes can include bananas in their daily diet. Some of the delicious ways to eat bananas are by making banana milkshakes and pancakes which can be quite filling for some time. One can consume bananas with yoghurt as well.

A healthy appetite can be obtained by consuming bananas in fruit salad as an afternoon meal, thus providing adequate energy and a balanced diet for a reduction in weight. Bananas can be consumed as puddings and custard for desserts as well.

Bananas And Weight Loss: Summing Up

A banana a day indeed helps in promoting weight loss when consumed in a certain right way. Antioxidants such as dopamine and catechin that helps in body fitness are found in a banana. Green bananas have resistant starch in them and have high benefits for good digestion when consumed.

Choosing the right banana, ripe or unripe, is the key to successful consumption for promoting a balanced diet and reduction from excess weight gain. But an individual cannot rely on the fruit alone. Eating a right balanced diet that also includes bananas with an adequate amount of exercise in an individual’s day-to-day routine can help one to shred that extra pound they’ve been waiting for a long time!

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