Research: Alcohol Is Not Good For Health, Denies The Critics

Alcohol Is Not Good For Health

The world health federation has boldly released a new policy suggesting that even a moderate amount of alcohol is not good for the heart. 

Research: Alcohol Is Not Good For Health, Denies The Critics

Beatriz Champagne, the chairman of the advocacy committee that produced the report suggests that at the World Health Federation, it was crucial to discuss the usage of alcohol and the issues it could cause on human health along with the social and economic harms. Because there was a common belief even among the healthcare professionals that ‘alcohol was good for health.’ To improve health it is better to avoid alcohol and this has evidence, according to Champagne, who was also the executive director of the Coalition for Americas’ Health which is an organization that is devoted to improving America’s health.

Alcohol Is Not Good For Health

But as per the critics, came up with the statement that the report produced by the Federation was wholly ignoring the studies that stated a moderate amount of alcohol can be beneficial to some heart conditions. Moderate drinking incorporates one drink a day for women and two for men which may help some people against heart disease. Alcohol is said to increase HDL or good cholesterol and it prevents blood clotting. They are also beneficial in reducing the chances of heart attacks and preventing the damages caused by LDL or bad cholesterol. 

Emmanuela Gakidou, a professor at the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation analyses the risk caused by alcohol, based on the Global Burden of Disease Study that gathers worldwide data on sudden death and disability from over 300 diseases. Even though she doesn’t support the report submitted by the WHF, she states that some scientific studies support their headline. According to her work on the Global Burden of Disease Study, there is no currently available evidence to date that supports the claim by WHF.  

There were many such criticisms against the claim by the world health federation and Beatriz Champagne responded to all these criticisms. He said, “In brief, our position is that studies showing a significant cardioprotective effect of alcohol consumption have by-and-large been observational, inconsistent, funded by the alcohol industry, and/or not subject to randomized control. Furthermore, any potential cardioprotective effect is negated by the well-documented risks and harms, rendering our judgment that no amount of consumption can be considered good for heart health.”

The American Heart Association, a member of the world health federation, suggested that moderate is a key in the case of alcohol that defines ‘no more than one drink a day for women and two for men.’ According to Dr. Mariell Jessup, the chief science and medical officer for the American Heart Association, they(AHA) had recently conducted a review of evidence on alcohol and cardiovascular problems for their 2021 Dietary Guidance Scientific Statement, and they have concluded that “ if one doesn’t drink alcohol, do not start; and if one does drink alcohol, limit intake.” 

In “The Impact of Alcohol Consumption on Cardiovascular Health: Myths and Measures,” a new policy brief released by the World Health Federation is a Geneva-based health advocacy organization, says, “Drinking alcohol increases the risk of several cardiovascular problems, including coronary disease, heart failure, high blood pressure, stroke, and aortic aneurysm, according to the report. Any amount of alcohol, not just heavy drinking, can lead to loss of healthy life” 

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