The Body Transformation of Mindy Kaling – Weight Loss And Diet

Vera Mindy Chokalingam, professionally known as Mindy Kaling, has recently opened up about her health journey throughout the years. Starting from her school days when she was bullied she guided her fans through the idealistic Hollywood standards and till losing the baby weight.    

She became familiar to the crowd through her character as Kelly Kapoor on The Office. The series debuted in 2005 and while being on screen, she was at the same time busy with her writing work. She published her first book in 2011 and the book was on the New York Times Bestsellers list for 5 weeks. She even had the writing credits for numerous episodes of the TV show she’s acting on. 

Mindy Kaling’s Diet

While acting in The Office, Kelly, Kaling’s character, has gone through a diet for an episode that was inspired by Beyoncé. The diet replaced meals with a cleansing drink that included lemons, cayenne pepper, water, and maple syrup. Kaling was so positive about diets, unlike others who wish to ditch them halfway. She said that normally everyone thinks of diets with a big groan. But as for her, diets are fun. She believes it is an American pastime for a lot of women, while Kelly thinks of dieting as an entertaining hobby that one can have in life.    

 Mindy Kaling Body Transformation
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In her 2011 candid memoir, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? she discussed creating a “makeshift diet formula” since a high school classmate of hers suggested that she’ll look pretty if she loses some weight. And as part of the diet, she said that she’ll only eat half of what she was given and has also eliminated desserts from her life. Following this, she wrote that she lost thirty pounds within two months without any exercise. Also, when she woke up in the morning, she could feel that she’d shrunk overnight and that her face skinned out, her belly had gone away, and felt more like the skinny girls who always complain in movie theatres about the cold.     

In the book, she expressed that she remained at a pretty average weight until college. And while doing her freshman year, she gained more than thirty pounds within six months. But she helped herself lose weight by doing regular exercise. After some great realization she had during this time, she said that she chose to be chubby for her life, mainly for four reasons. 

Kaling said that she’ll be chubby because firstly, she had no other hobbies other than dieting. Secondly, she had no discipline, and thirdly all the men she dated loved her for the way she is. And finally and most importantly, she said she was so happy with the way she looked and will be so happy with her body until she breaks a beach chair.  

The Office alum was known for her fashion both in the show and even on The Mindy Project and red carpets. Currently, she admitted that she never stops herself from eating what she loves. Rather she said that she started eating moderately. Whenever she gets invited to any shows or shoots, she’ll be more like praying to stop eating. She promised that she’ll never stop being a foodie and she accepted that she is not the kind of girl or woman who just takes spinach and salmon regularly. As she is now comfortable with eating moderately, she is loving it and enjoys her food the most. 

According to Kaling, she spends more of her time being active rather than being lazy even if it’s for just 10 minutes. She is more of a person who never goes fully into exercising but rather makes her day active so that she’ll be happier. She even added that all these latest thoughts about being healthy and wellness started after she lost her baby weight twice. Kaling is a mother of two and she said that according to her perspective, a healthy and fit person is not someone with a hard body and a six-pack. Rather, it’s better to embrace yourself which she’s learned within the six months since having a baby.       

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