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Missy Elliott Shocked Everyone At The Grammys With Her Impressive Weight Loss!

Missy Elliot Weight Loss

The new year seems like the best time for Missy Elliott. The American rap sensation has lost a considerable amount of weight and this is the steaming point of discussion among her fans. Read to know more about Missy Elliott’s recent Grammy 2023 appearance, in which she looked unrecognizable due to her drastic weight loss.

Is Missy Elliott Aging Backward? Fans ask!

Missy Elliott has contributed much to the American rap music industry by being a talented singer, rapper, songwriter, and record producer. Her musical career started with the R&B girl group titled Sista in the 90s. Later, Missy Elliott was seen collaborating with Timbaland for a collective titled Swing Mob. Her debut album was Supa Dupa Fly released in 1997 and it scored number three on the Billboard 200 which made her the highest-charting debut female rapper of that year. She has won many accolades including the prestigious Grammy Award. Being honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, she is also the first female hip-hop artist to be nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Right now, the internet is on fire regarding the debates on the weight loss transformation of the rapper. She has again made her fans go into awe while appearing at the 65th Annual Grammy Awards on February 5. The fans were spellbound upon seeing her dramatic weight loss. According to them, Missy Elliott is aging backward. Most of them congratulated Missy for doing a great job by losing this much weight over time. 

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Even though the singer was seen performing in her signature baggy dress, the fans could discern her weight loss. Many of her fans remarked that Missy Elliott is looking like a different person after the weight loss. The transition of Missy Elliott is not a recent phenomenon as the singer had been diagnosed with Grave’s Disease many years ago.

Grave’s Disease is an autoimmune condition that disrupts the balance of thyroid hormones and causes hyperactive thyroid. Some of the symptoms of this condition are excessive weight loss, dizziness, throat lumps, hair loss, muscle loss, fatigue, etc. 

Missy changed her lifestyle when she was diagnosed with this condition in 2008. As the illness can be treated with proper diet and fitness regimes, the singer decided to choose the path of exercise and diet for this purpose. She weighed around 89 kg when she started her weight loss regime. By two or three years, the rap icon started to be spotted as being leaner and healthy.

According to Elliot, a restriction on calorie-dense foods helped her to lose weight. As a part of this method, she omitted food items such as bread, soda, and juice and increased her water intake. In one of her Instagram posts, the rapper can be seen detailing her weight loss schedule. As per her, she only drank water and didn’t take any other liquids.

Proper hydration has helped her to restore her glow and she no longer feels sluggish. The singer can be seen sharing her concerns over fast food in the post expecting her cravings for junk foods to be subsided soon. 

Anyway fans are thrilled seeing the 51-year-old rapper in her new get-up.  They have expressed their concerns through various social media channels such as Twitter. While most of them congratulate Missy Elliott for her weight loss journey some of them are doubting whether the rapper had been taking any weight loss pills. One thing is clear. The singer had some apparent disease and she had to change her unhealthy lifestyle to deal with it.

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