Casey Donovan Reveals Her Amazing Weight Loss & Dietary Methods!

Casey Donovan weight loss methods

Weight loss doesn’t need to be a tedious process. That is what Casey Donovan has to say. In her recent Instagram post, she shared some of her simple weight loss methods. 

According to the singer, she has reached under 100 kilograms for the first time in her adult life. Casey celebrates her weight loss success through her social media channels. To know more about the weight loss hack of Casey Donovan, dive into the news.

“I Don’t Follow Fad Diets”- Casey Donovan

Casey Donovan, the winner of the Australian Idol, has recently shared her weight loss hack. The post shared through her Instagram account showed the ‘ridiculously simple’ diet hack of this Australian singer.

According to the 34-year-old theatre personality, she could lose weight by following the “Jenny Craig Weight Loss plan“. Backed up by science, Jenny Craig is an effective program for weight loss. The singer shared the details of her weekly menu based on this diet program. 

Casey Donovan Weight Loss Methods
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In the video, she can be seen detailing the breakfast menu. Casey usually has banana bread, whole grain toast, Nutri-Grain cereal, fruit, and a half cup of baked beans for breakfast. According to the meal plan, she can also have an oat and apricot bar, a boiled or poached egg, and an English muffin.

Her diet suggested she include the addition of one serve of dairy along with breakfast. It can be milk or yogurt, as per her own choice. For lunch, Donovan eats ham and cheese toasties, pesto pasta, burritos, pork bun, or a frittata. Her dinner usually consists of beef pastie, satay chicken, chicken curry, roast chicken, and veggies.

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During the stage production of Juliet, the latest musical spinoff of the classic Shakespearian drama, Romeo and Juliet, she said that she is enjoying the meals provided by Jenny Craig. According to her, she can fit these meals into each day and it is very convenient for her schedule.

She said that she usually makes her salads and veggies at home. But she takes the Jenny Craig meals along with her to the shows and heats them before eating. For Donovan, all these processes are “ridiculously simple”. 

Whatever the case, the weight loss journey of Casey Donovan didn’t start all of a sudden. In many of her previous interviews, she has revealed that she has been on a “healthy journey” since the pandemic. Last year, she opened up about her struggles in trying to eat healthily. In all her attempts, Casey tries to not rely too much on her weight but to try to eat healthy as much as possible.

Donovan remembers her weight loss journey as having all the ups and downs and full of struggles. It was at this moment, Jenny Craig came into her life, as a godsend phenomenon. It helped her to redefine her relationship with food and educated her on the importance of maintaining health.

According to Casey, she can eat whatever she likes. Whether it be pies or sausage rolls, she loves to eat them all. But what changed with this diet was the concept of portion control. She eats everything but controls the portion. 

What Casey Donovan finds special about her diet is that it is different from all those ‘fad diets’ that are prevalent in society now. She criticizes that these diets are only advising how to lose weight. But they don’t provide enough information on how to sustain weight loss and health. This is what makes Jenny Craig different from them all.

Apart from trying to make you fit into a dress for one day, this diet will help you to fit into the dress forever. For Casey, more than weight loss, the Jenny Craig diet helped her to feel content in her own body. She feels happier than before and that is what she considers the highest value outcome. 

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