Gym Enthusiasts And Their “Weird” Obsession With Dog Food Trend!

Gym Enthusiasts Dog Food Trend

Gym enthusiasts have been running after different facades for a long time and it is not a new thing. People have tried different techniques to achieve the body they desire, whether they are steroids or fasting in a weird way.

But the new trend that is gaining tremendous attention online is completely out of the box! Yes, people who work out are now consuming dog food to get the protein that’s missing from the diet. Here is everything you need to know about this viral hack.

Gym Addicts Are On Dog Food For Protein Content

People on TikTok have observed the fact that dog food contains a significant amount of protein and that’s why gym addicts have decided to give it a try. Some of them claim that the protein found in dog food is extremely beneficial while others are saying that it helps in achieving a great workout regime.

Gym Addicts Are On Dog Food For Protein Content
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According to Henry Clarisey, a TikTok influencer, when he tried the Oven Roasted Beef with Apple and Spring Veggies from Kibbles ‘n Bits, he got to eat approximately 600 gm of protein. Hyping this kind of meal, Henry said that it is for muscle gain.

In a particular video, right after he says this, the clip cuts and shifts to him spitting out the dog meal in the sink. Then he said that this is not worth it. He promised the same to his viewers. The first video got around 2.5 million likes and 21.2 million views and that was a pure surprise for the TikTok influencer.

After this video, there was another TikTok clip that saw the influencer saying that the video of him eating dog food was only a joke and nothing else. While initiating the video, Henry said that this whole thing is getting out of hand and it is insane.

TikTok trend on eating dog food

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After this viral video, there was a full-on discussion on eating dog food for protein. When Pedigree (a famous dog food brand) was contacted, it said that the food it prepares is meant for cat and dog consumption but even if humans eat it, there would be no harm.

The kind of research that goes into the product and the manufacturing process carried out are equal and sometimes better than the process of human food.

It doesn’t stop there, MyFitnessPal, the famous food-tracking application has also seen plenty of people include dog meals in their diet. According to one of their statements in an interview, the app people said that there was definitely an upward trend in people adding dog food to their logs.

This happened after the TikTok video went viral. This was especially seen with men aged 18 to 24 who want to maintain their physique or gain muscles.

After there were a lot of discussions, the fitness influencer Henry Clarisey clarified that the entire thing was a joke and for pure fun. People are eating dog meals but it shouldn’t be done. He has eaten it and he is assured that nobody should try it.

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