Family Chantel: Winter’s Shocking Weight Loss Transformation!!!

Family Chantel: Winter’s Shocking Weight Loss Transformation!!!

During the second season of The Family Chantel, Winter filmed their family while they went to a consultation for bariatric surgery. She was 313 pounds in weight when the scenes were shot, which took place in the year 2020. Over the previous few months, Winter has used TikTok to keep a diary-like account of her real struggle to lose weight. In August of 2022, she shared a video online where she could be seen working up a sweat while taking a dance class. 

Winter Everett’s Weight Loss Before And After Photos Have Stunned Fans

In May, Winter shared a video of herself dancing at home, which she did to highlight her trimmer appearance. Chantel, a member of The Family, can be seen wearing a see-through gown with revealing undergarments underneath.

Winter Everett's before and after

She posted a video of herself dancing after the video was published. The appearance of Winter in the video was significantly changed by having her hair braided, and her jawline made more prominent. After watching the celebrity lose weight, fans of The Family Chantel were relieved to find that she was happy with her new shape.

Television Show “Weight Loss Barbie” Affected Winter Everett

After her relationship with Jah King, which had lasted for a significant amount of time, Winter felt it was time to put herself first and have weight loss surgery. In the first episode of the fourth season of The Family Chantel, Winter revealed that she learned about the Weight Loss Barbie while “sitting in my room browsing through TikTok after the split.” Winter made this revelation in the episode. She mentioned that she had bariatric surgery while she was in Mexico. After doing some study on her medical staff, I came to the conclusion that this would be an excellent chance for me.

Weight Loss Barbie transformation

Winter intended to go to Mexico to have her bariatric surgery done by the same surgeons who had worked on the Weight Loss Barbie. Gastric sleeve surgery, also known as sleeve gastrectomy, is a form of bariatric surgery involving surgically altering the stomach to decrease the patient’s overall food consumption. 

Some viewers displayed skepticism, just like Winter did when she decided to have surgery in Mexico to lose weight. On the other hand, Kayla offers some words of encouragement to people who are hesitant about seeking medical treatment in a foreign country. I cannot stress the importance of doing research enough; that is my number one piece of guidance. She gives the following advice to anyone contemplating bariatric surgery. 

Having bariatric surgery performed in Tijuana is like having the procedure done at the epicenter of the world. The EOC is the most important company in the Tijuana business community. In addition to having a specialty in bariatrics, Dr. Ortiz is also an instructor. Examine the evidence; figures and statistics are impossible to manipulate. Make sure that the surgeon you choose is reliable and has a lot of experience. Try not to be overly skeptical. Do not let the fact that some of the most skilled surgeons worldwide work in other countries frighten you.

Winter’s Motivation During Her Weight-Loss

When Winter began to lose weight after gastric sleeve surgery, her biggest concern was that she would lose her identity as a stylish and appealing plus-size woman and no longer look the same.

However, Kayla was able to put Winter at ease by comprehending the circumstances of the scenario and addressing her concerns. Over a year after having surgery, Winter continues to keep her social media followers up to date on her progress in terms of weight loss. Kayla reported that the Georgian woman is excited to go with the next stage of her weight loss journey due to the positive results she has seen thus far.

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