TikTok Lion Diet Trend – Nutritionist Warns

TikTok Lion Diet Trend - Nutritionist Warns

TikTok has brought a consequential impact on human life. This prominent social media platform has a great effect on society, and every single TikTok trend is accepted and followed by almost half of the population. Most of these trends have only a short lifespan and they always come in and the next day goes out of style as a new one arrives. One trend which seems extremely cool at the moment can be despicable the next second.    

Tiktok trends vary in wide ranges and people are always eager for a new one. These trends include fashion, lifestyle, food habits, etc. And one such trend that exists currently in society is the TikTok lion diet. It’s a type of diet that only includes red meat, salt, and water for 30 days. The fad diet trend which is also known as the caveman diet was taken over by the masses as it assumed that this diet could help cure allergies, headaches, bad skin, and mood swings. 

Why The TikTok Lion Diet Is Unhealthy?

As the fad diet has gone viral on social media platforms, nutritionist and eating psychology coach Claudia Le Fevre is opening up that such diets could weaken your health. They give a big thumbs down to such fad diets which are unhealthy and at the same time could bring grave consequences in your life. They advise that before starting any kind of diet it is better to take advice from experts. Also, those people who still follow the diet are warned to stop it at the earliest in order to keep themselves healthy.           

TikTok  Lion Diet Is Unhealthy

Things have gone out of hand as the video has gone viral and received more than 16.5 million views. This TikTok viral diet was developed by Mikhaila Peterson, a podcaster and TedEx speaker in 2018. She utilized this diet plan as it reportedly helped reduce issues like fatigue, intolerances, gut issues, and autoimmune symptoms

As of the research, it is believed that people follow this fad diet only because it delivers temporary relief from different health symptoms. But according to health experts, they advise there are several other ways by which people can identify and manage the underlying food intolerances and what the triggers are. Furthermore, they state that although red meat is low-allergenic food, and it appears as an easy and better option for people diagnosed with IBS and the above-mentioned health disorders, it is not a suitable health solution, especially for the long term.

They even suggest that if people are trying to eliminate those items that initiate certain health conditions, there are many other better options present these days rather than cutting down on nutritious foods. One such better option as per the experts is the elimination diet. Through this diet plan, one can down any food for a short time and test whether their health problem still endures. While following such a diet people won’t have to cut down on almost everything at the same time.    

Just as the experts suggest, red meat alone can’t be considered a meal for the long term. By doing so, a person will not only lack nutrition but also could lead to several other severe health conditions. This includes deficiencies from avoiding healthy fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Also, the consumption of excess raw beef can be incredibly dangerous, and thus such plans are not advisable for children and pregnant women. It can even lead to the risk of getting infected with toxoplasmosis, halitosis, piles, high cholesterol, constipation, etc. 

Although people who incorporated this diet routine in their daily life suggest that the diet plan helped improve their energy levels, this actually reduces their energy as their body lacks fiber and nutrients that are obtained from carbohydrates. As a result, even though the fad diet has captured the attention of millions it is better to avoid the lion diet for the betterment of your health. 

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