Top Couch Workouts To Lose Your Extra Holiday Pounds

Top Couch Workouts For Holiday

As the holidays are here, you must be prepared for everything that follows. Since holidays were a dream for the past two years because of the pandemic people were very excited about celebrating this holiday with all their loved ones together.

But if you are someone who really cares about your health, then the festival season could be a nightmare for you. Because most of the food includes a high amount of starch, sweets, and other items that aren’t good for your health. You can’t avoid your valuable time with your family, at the same time you must really care about your health. No worries, if there is a problem, then there will be a solution for sure. Following are some of the easy-peasy methods you can do within the comfort of your home. You can follow these after all your guests leave the house or in your free time.        

4 Easier Couch Exercises

While planning on doing these exercises, make sure to take a minute break before moving to the next. Also, it is necessary to do these for around three to five rounds.

Top Couch Workouts For Holiday


The exercise is specially designed as a great upper-body exercise for your shoulders, chest, triceps, etc. It helps to boost your metabolism and fire up your fat-burning furnace so that you can get rid of all the holiday fat you gained. Follow the steps to execute the exercise.

  • Get seated on the floor with a couch behind you.
  • Place your hands behind you and put them on the couch in a position you can press into them.  
  • Push through the couch to raise your hips off the floor thus squeezing your core for stability while pressing with your shoulders, chest, and triceps.
  • Come back to the initial position.
  • Repeat X10 times. 


Normally, not everyone can do the standard push-ups. And for such people, couch pushups will be easier to follow. Follow to learn how to do this forgiving pushup. 

  • Place both your hands on the couch and maintain a plank position.
  • Being in the position, try to lower your chest towards the couch. 
  • When your body touches the couch, press through your hands to return to the initial position. 
  • Keep your core engaged throughout the process. 
  • Repeat X10 times. 


It is another couch exercise that’ll help you increase your strength. Doing these exercises helps you to get more depth from your squats. Here are the steps to follow.

  • Stand with your feet hip-width separated in front of the couch.
  • Place one foot back onto the couch and lower your body into a lunge with your rear foot elevated.
  • Lower your hips down by bending your back knee towards the floor.
  • Push through the floor immediately with the planted foot to return to the top. 
  • Repeat X10 times.  


The fourth and final couch exercise can easily do to build your core strength. This exercise is best for better abs, hip flexors, shoulders, etc as it maintains the plank position for so long. 

  • Maintain your couch pushup position with your hands on the couch. 
  • Engage your core and bring one knee up forward to your chest by lifting your foot off the ground.
  • Get back to the initial position.
  • Do the same with your other leg.
  • Repeat the same for X10 times.  

Following these four simpler and easier exercise routines will help build a better and healthier body. Maintaining these exercises regularly during this holiday will help you pick up where you left off before the beginning of the holidays.   

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