Dolores Catania And Ozempic: Her Doctor Has Something To Say!

Dolores Catania's Doctor About Ozempic

Ozempic is the culprit now. Many celebrities who had claimed to use it are facing harsh criticism from their followers and experts. As the Ozempic for weight loss trend had created a shortage of these drugs, there is a justification for these criticisms.

At the same time, crucifying those who join the Ozempic bandwagon can be a bit of extrapolation. Recently, the doctor who prescribed a weight loss drug for RHONJ star Dolores Catania has called out the Ozempic critics. Dive into the news to find out what Dolores Catania’s doctor has to say regarding the use of weight loss drugs.

Public Opinion About Her Ozempic Usage

While Dolores Catania was criticized for taking Ozempic, her doctor who prescribed the medication had a different say. The cast member of the Real Housewives of New Jersey recently revealed that she has joined the Ozempic bandwagon.

In the program, “Watch What Happens Live”, Catania was mentioned as “looking thin” by the host, Andy Cohen. And he asked whether she is taking Ozempic.

Dolores Catania Ozempic Usage

For this, Catania revealed that she is using it and she doesn’t want to join the reunion looking bigger than anyone else. For this, Cohen joked as to which housewife is not with the Ozempic bandwagon.

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When Dolores publicly admitted to using Ozempic, it made a wide stir of opinions among her social media followers. Some criticized her for joining the Ozempic bandwagon as there is reportedly a shortage of these drugs for diabetic patients.

Some others warned her of the side effects these types of drugs can cause. While some other followers congratulated her honesty by saying most celebrities use these sort of drugs and hide it.

Doctor Has Come Forward In Favor Of Dolores

But she later revealed that she is not taking Ozempic, but another variation known as Mounjaro, manufactured by Eli Lilly. Amidst the brewing criticisms against Dolores, her doctor has come forward in favor of the tv personality.

According to Dr. Rocio Salas-Whalen of New York Endocrinology, who prescribed Mounjaro to Dolores, no one can judge another person on the reason whether they need to take Ozempic or not. Whalen clarified that only a doctor understands the needs of their patients and their medical history.

Another person cannot predict whether they will need this medicine or that based on a judgment on outer appearance. Salas-Whalen explained that she prescribed Mounjaro for Dolores on reasonable grounds.

According to her, many women experience menopause or perimenopause weight gain due to hormonal changes. Along with this, they also have to suffer from Type 2 diabetes, dementia, and heart risks

Prescribing weight loss medications for women who suffer from these conditions is an ideal way to keep them healthy. It can also reduce intrusive thoughts about their body and the weight in them. Dolores’s doctor added that no one has the right to judge others on the medicines they take by just judging their external appearance.

According to her, the present controversies around drugs like Ozempic roots in unnatural body weight expectations of society. Health doesn’t necessarily mean losing weight and weight loss is a complex topic. It is more than just lowering the numbers on the scale. 

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