Scots Woman Shannon Bowe, 28, Dies During Weight Loss Surgery In Turkey!

Woman Dies During Weight Loss Surgery In Turkey

Today’s generation is running after one or the other way of losing weight. Some are following different types of diets while others are directly going under the needle. The same was the case with this woman in the UK who died while going through a gastric band surgery.

This woman named Shannon Bowe was only 28 and was getting her surgery done in Turkey. She was originally from Scotland’s Falkirk and went away too soon.

Unfortunate Death Of Scottish Woman

The procedure that she was going through is specifically performed for weight reduction. It is where the doctor places a band around your stomach through a surgical procedure.

This band gives you a feeling of a full stomach quickly and also shrinks the size of your waist. The operation takes about 60 minutes to complete and patients usually get it removed when they want.

Woman Dies Weight Loss Surgery In Turkey

In the case of Shannon, it is still uncertain what kind of complications occurred during the procedure and led to her death. Friends and family members of the woman are still in shock and cannot comprehend what happened.

The first person to pay tribute to Shannon Bowe was her boyfriend; Ross Stirling. He posted a message online showcasing his forever love for her. After the post, many friends started showing their remorse for the situation.

Many of them said that Shannon was the kindest person they had ever met. A friend also said that although all cosmetic procedures are risky, it is not common to hear such terrible news. One of the writers on social media was Shannon’s aunt. She called her beautiful and said that there is only sadness and no words to describe the emotions.

Since Shannon had no travel insurance, her family has to spend a lot of money to bring the body back to the country. But a spokesperson from the Commonwealth and Development Office came forward and said that the officials are supporting the family of Shannon Bowe in every way.

But this is not the first time that something like this has happened in Turkey. In 2022, Joe Thornley was undergoing weight loss surgery. He wanted to get a section of his stomach removed through sleeve gastrectomy.

But during the operation, Joe from Derbyshire had a heart attack. Although when the post-mortem reports came forward, it was revealed that he died because of internal bleeding. When the official report of BBC came out, it was informed that around 7 UK nationals went to Turkey for weight loss surgeries and died.

As far as various weight loss surgeries are concerned, this is a risky procedure that is sometimes used to treat obesity but many people take undue advantage of it. Those who want to get a little bit of fat removed undergo these risky surgeries.

So those who are planning to undergo this kind of treatment should understand the risks associated and make the right decision. Life is too precious and shouldn’t be wasted on losing a few pounds.

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