Ed Sheeran Reveals His Heartfelt Email To Robbie Williams Over Addiction And Weight Issues!

Ed Sheeran Reveals His Heartfelt Email To Robbie Williams

Grief can be a very solitary thing. But life taught Ed Sheeran that grief need not be a solitary affair. Sometimes, when you see the struggles of others, you start to feel less alone in this whole thing.

Seeing his fellow musician, Robbie Williams’ latest documentary on weight and drug problems, the ‘Shape of You’ singer became quite emotional. In a recent show, he revealed how watching the documentary by Williams made him feel “less alone’.

Dive into the news to know how Ed Sheeran understood that grief need not be a solitary thing.

Ed Sheeran Shared An Emotional Note To Robbie Williams

On his upcoming appearance on ‘The Jonathan Ross Show’, Ed Sheeran shared a heartfelt email he sent to Robbie Williams about the struggles he underwent. The 32-year-old singer revealed in the show that he felt ”less isolated” after seeing the documentary of Robbie on his struggles with drugs.

Seeing Robbie Williams sharing his hardships of alcohol addiction and weight problems and recovering from them made Ed Sheeran feel that he was not alone in this battle.

Ed Sheeran Shared An Emotional Note To Robbie Williams

In the show,  the ‘Bad Habits’ singer revealed that last year was full of hardships for him. He had some real struggles going through and wanted some relief. It was at this stage, he came across the Robbie Williams documentary. 

According to the singer, last year many events left him utterly hopeless and alone. In February 2022, his lifelong best friend, Jamal Edwards died of cardiac arrest. Jamal was using cocaine and alcohol which resulted in his death.

This was an unsurpassable grief for Ed Sheeran who tried to channel it through his new album, ‘Subtract’. Along with this, the singer was struggling with some alcohol addiction. He occasionally used drugs too. All these habits began to reach a peak point. And it was then Ed Sheeran knew he needed to change things a bit.

It was with the help of his pregnant wife, Cherry Seaborn, he could quit drinking. According to the singer, he wanted to spend quality time with his kids, Lyra and Jupiter. In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, the singer revealed that he was always a drinker.

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But when he became a dad, and adult responsibilities hit him, he felt like a change was needed. And with the help of his wife, he could say goodbye to alcohol.

In an earlier interview, Robbie Williams, the ‘Angels’ singer shared the details regarding his documentary. As per him, the documentary will be filled with personal stories and open up about his struggles with drugs and mental illness.

It was after seeing the documentary, Ed Sheeran became emotional and sent an email to Robbie Williams. 

According to Sheeran, he mailed Williams saying that his documentary made him feel less isolated. To this mail, Robbie replied that ironically, Ed’s mail made him feel less isolated.  This incident made Ed realize that it is good to talk about things that hurt us.

Last year coupled with his best friend’s demise and his alcohol addiction was a real hurdle for him. The documentary by Robbie Williams consoled him and made him feel that he was not alone in this. 

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