Does Weight Loss Make You Look Taller? Revealing The Reality!

Weight Loss Make You Look Taller

We all know the difference a significant weight loss makes in your appearance. You look slimmer, smarter, and even prettier or more handsome than you were. Your attractive silhouette will make you stand out anywhere you go. Now that is something we all aspire for. However, can weight loss make changes to your height?

Can you bid adieu to those painful heels after you lose some of those tough kilos? That would be delightful but is it true? Though there have been supportive claims, we are about to find out the truth here. Read this blog and know what effect weight loss has on one’s height.

Does Weight Loss Affect One’s Height?

Though we want this to be true badly, we are sorry to say it isn’t. Scientists have not been able to find any positive correlation between a person’s height and their weight. In adults, there is no relation whatsoever; these include people who are above the age of 25.

Weight Loss And Height

However, children can be affected by it as they are still in the growth range. Albeit small, weight loss can have an impact on how people perceive you, so weight loss is not such a bad idea.

Can Weight Loss Make You Look Taller?

The keyword here is “look”. It is not the same as being taller. We all know how Body Mass Index is calculated with the help of our body weight. So yes, researchers do believe that keeping your body in tandem with your height can make you appear taller. It is basically the illusion of the eyes or can be otherwise known as perceived height.

Though you might not grow in cms/inches, having a toned body will help you correct your postures and positions. This means you would walk straight without crouching and this could look like you are taller.

Another way weight can affect your height is by making you look thinner. When you look thin there is a sure-shot chance you look taller to other people who see you. Again thanks to another social perception that height is inversely proportional to height. An obese person can also suffer from disc compression which could be the reason why they cannot walk without a hunch sometimes.

So losing can make you look taller but have no actual effect on your inches. You might still need those heels but at least you will be able to walk without tripping.

What Affects A Person’s Height?

Since we have said weight isn’t one of the factors let us see what is. Height can be influenced by-

➡️ Your genetics-That is true. How tall your mother and father are has a lot to do with how tall you would be.

➡️ Your growth rate– This affects especially when you are a child. Some kids are shorter all their whole life while puberty makes them taller all of a sudden.

➡️ What you eat– Sorry adults but what you eat affects your height only when you are a kid. There are many diseases that can cause stunted growth so it is very important to eat right.

➡️ Your sleep rate– This one also applies to when you were a kid. 

Is There Any Other Way To Increase Your Height?

The answer to this question would be no. No human can grow throughout their life. Once you attain a particular age, the growth ceases and you will have to work with what you are given.

Way To Increase Your Height

So eating healthy, taking time to workout and not getting addicted to substances in your teens can really be key to influencing your height. Almost 79% depends on the way your ancestors are or were.

Major Benefits Of Losing Weight

Height may not be the one thing we have on the list yet weight loss has many other benefits.

Will help you with multiple diseases-Diabetes, heart attacks anything you name it. Diet control is crucial to prevent it.

Make you happier– Your mood might seem brighter and elevated since serotonin is produced while working out. Also, your confidence would beam.

Can make you immune to many diseases– Not just life-threatening ones but the ones that can affect your general movement like neuropathic ailments.

Can make you flexible– Though not directly correlated to height, doing workouts can be extremely helpful to move and stretch freely which means you might appear taller than usual.

Height and weight have no ties to each other. One cannot be manipulated to increase the other and vice versa. However, losing weight might give an illusion of being tall. Anyways weight loss should be your goal, in general, to stay healthy. A combination of proper diet exercise, and physical activity can give you the best results.

Taking up hobbies like swimming that burn a lot of calories can especially work towards this initiative. Always talk to your trainer to help you with your goals.

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