Swimming For Weight Loss: How Swimming Can Help You Shed Pounds!

Swimming For Weight Loss

No matter what diet you follow, it is important for you to work out. Different kinds of activities yield different results and one should concentrate on their ultimate goal. However, there are no two opinions about the fact that every activity moves you closer to the weight loss journey.

One of the most popular activities chosen by a wide range of people would be swimming. This blog aims to educate about the swimming techniques that can help you lose weight or maybe accelerate its rate.

What Happens To Your Body When You Swim?

Although initially, it feels like you are out of breath, swimming helps you with multiple systems in your body. Firstly it facilitates oxygen flow to your body since your lungs contract and expand at a greater rate.

Swimming  Help In Losing Weight

Secondly, you can see that your body gets rid of the warm temperature that builds up over time. Thirdly your muscles open better since they are oxygenated and lastly, your heart expands, working to its true potential. 

How Does Swimming Help In Losing Weight?

According to researchers swimming over 3 times a day can certainly work magic on your body. It can burn twice as much as calories as any regular 30 mins of workout. Apart from the respiratory system, swimming also works out your abs and shoulders, back muscles, glutes, legs, and even belly fat.

This is equal to building core strength along with initiating weight loss. It is equally important to note that not everyone will have an equal result as the loss depends on the fat in your body, the metabolic activity, and the time you devote to the activity.

Tips To Keep In Mind While Swimming To Lose Weight

✅ Keep a schedule– It is always important to follow a schedule in order to follow through with a plan. It is ideal if you begin by swimming in a straight line then maybe switch to cardio for 15 minutes and then maybe try to cover the whole pool in as less time as possible.

✅ Eat well– Make sure you make a balanced diet so that you can work out those beautiful muscles of yours. Avoid fats or carbs though.

✅ Try to hit the pool in the morning-Since swimming can be considered both a workout and cardio exercise to lose weight, it is actually ideal to go practice it during the dawn.

Use swimming props– There are multiple weights available for you to be used so talk to your swimming instructor and find what suits you the best.

✅ Pace yourself-It is very important to start slowly and then gradually increase the speed so as to not run out of energy early on.

Other Benefits Of Swimming

We have seen in detail how swimming helps with weight, but there are benefits associated with the activity that may drive you to take it up-

🌊 Improves your lung health-As we have already discussed, swimming does exert pressure on your lungs and heart. It helps the lungs get better oxygen which again can be helpful for people with asthma and other breathing defects.

🌊 Ideal for all sections of people– Swimming can be a highly active or moderately active workout depending on your comfort level. Even if you have a broken bone or a permanent disability chances are swimming can help you with your daily exercise requirement.

🌊 Will extend your life expectancy– People who regularly swim have better body functioning helping them to fight off diseases and therefore giving them a better life.

🌊 Kills your anxiety and stress– Like all the other activities, this one too initiates the production of hormones that can keep you fresh throughout the day. People with depression and anxiety can take it up as a hobby to help ensure better mental health.

🌊 Can have a goodnight’s sleep– Since it wears out completely and enhances bodily functions, you will definitely find it easier to fall asleep and not stay online for long hours.

🌊 Relieves pressure on your back– Swimming can help hit all the right cords including your spinal cord and this will help you with better postures.

Types Of Swimming Exercises You Can Opt For Weight Loss

We have already established why different people swim for different reasons and therefore there are different types that are aligned to the goal you might have. Some of them are:

Swimming Exercises For Weight Loss

➡️Strokes– They can be a butterfly, breaststroke, front crawl, and backstroke. Each of them concentrates on different muscles and different pressure points give better results.

➡️Intensity-They can be low, moderate, or high. It depends on the speed of the swimming one modulates. If you are a beginner start with low and then maybe progress.

➡️Vertical kicker’s delight-It includes the routines with dolphin kicks and strokes which are set in a timely fashion.

➡️The swim-kick Aerobic combo– This includes deep water bobs, freestyle, and rest

While swimming can be a useful weight-loss technique, it’s vital to remember that nutrition and general lifestyle choices are also quite important. A balanced diet, regular swimming, and a healthy lifestyle are all necessary for long-lasting weight loss.

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