How To Raise Your Core Body Temperature For Weight Loss?

Raise Your Core Body Temperature For Weight Loss

There are so many tricks and tips available to lose weight. Even surgeries can be both a boon and a bane. However, the healthiest way to lose weight can only be attributed to good old portion control, dieting as well as working out. Since it is a hot topic, researchers uncover more and more facts about weight loss and optimum ways to do it without suffering longtime body damage.

Recently it has been discovered that increasing the core body temperature can yield some surprising results. If you are in the mood to know more about it, this blog is a must-read since we will be discussing all the ways and concerns(if any) of doing so.

What Is Core Body Temperature?

Core body temperature simply means what it denotes. It can be defined as the average temperature of our main functional organs like the brain, liver, and heart at a given point in time. It is measured using a rectal thermometer and the normal range is between 36.6 degrees celsius to 38 degrees celsius. It can change in humans according to their lifestyle or age and weight.

Why Is It Important To Have A Regulated Core Body Temperature?

According to Lennox Hoyte and Margot Damser in their book, Biomechanics of the Female Pelvic Floor,” In order to maintain normal metabolic function, most people maintain a core body temperature….which is also critical to maintaining the viscosity of the tissue.

This can mean that tissue made up of blood and cells can start disintegrating if the temperature is extremely high. However, this doesn’t mean it can be very low either because that might also lead to some adverse reactions.

Core Body Temperature

Can Raising Your Body Temperature Cause Weight Loss?

Yes. It has been proven that raising your core body temperature along with proper diet and supplements can get unbelievable results. The more we sweat, the faster we burn the fat. Since this is our ultimate goal in weight loss, it is extremely beneficial.

However, it should also be taken into consideration that a few minutes of anything would not get you any instant results.

Tips To Raise Our Core Body Temperature

There are a number of ways by which we can increase our body temperature both naturally and medicinally. Many supplements can be taken in the form of tablets and powder which can help increase our metabolic rate and in turn help us shed some Kilos.

However, naturally, you can either lose weight by working out, doing work around the house, and eating the right foods. Although the last method is debatable, the former two definitely are efficient.

Tips To Raise Our Core Body Temperature

Some of the activities include-

✅ Take a long walk or any cardio activity for that matter

Cardio is a great way for weight loss by getting your temperature up and this can be in the form of simple exercises like sit-ups or walking. One can also choose to run on a treadmill or ride a bicycle to gain a similar effect. However, it should always be more than 10 mins in order for you to get results. 

✅ Eating proteins, fats, and Iron instead of carbs

Foods that are rich in Protein include meats, nuts, and eggs which can regulate the temperature of your body. Iron-rich food includes shellfish and broccoli. One has to be patient in order to get results by following a daily routine and including them in the diet.

✅ Meditation or forceful breathing

It is a known fact that the mind is what controls the body. Therefore relieving stress can be an excellent way of letting our body maintain a high temperature. Usually, you must have noticed that when we are scared, our body becomes cold. This shows a drop in our warmth and this can be restored with these methods. In forceful breathing, one can hold up their breath for a few minutes and then release it relaxing our pelvis and stomach which gives sure-shot results.

✅ Sauna or body wraps

A sauna is a pre-conditioned room with a high temperature, anywhere between 65 degrees Celsius to 90 degrees Celsius that lets you sweat. While using body wraps, your body is tightly tied up so as to increase its heat. People are also known to use heating creams for this initiative.

✅ Hot Yoga

Otherwise known as Bikram Yoga, this one is similar to regular yoga barring one difference. The postures and poses are performed under at least 40 degrees Celsius. This can make a huge difference when it comes to burning Calories.

Consuming hot beverages

It is often suggested that we drink our teas and coffees as hot as they come. So now we know this is not without reason as it helps raise our body temperature although for a short period of time.

So now that you got all these tips from us, we hope you can lose weight easily.

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