Best Gluteus Minimus Exercises For Improved Posture And Stronger Hips

Best Gluteus Minimus Exercises

Are you in search of strengthening your hips or are you someone who has to sit long in a chair for work? This article is for you. We will tell you how to strengthen your muscles and provide a good poster as well as healthy hips and glutes. Before starting the article we have to explain what glutes are. There are three gluteal muscles that make up your buttocks – gluteus maximus, medius, and minimus. They will give shape and strength to your body. Proper exercises can help you to achieve stronger glutes and standing in the beauty standards. It could support your backbone and lower backside and maintain good posture. In this article, we discuss the best gluteus minimus exercises you should consider for your glute training regimen.

Some Of The Best Gluteus Minimus Exercises 

Before you start gluteus minimus exercises you have to take some precautions and it is essential for doing any other exercises.

  •  Try to wear comfortable workout clothes
  •  Don’t eat heavy food before the workouts
  •  Choose morning time or evening time for a workout
  •  If you want any support like a knee cap or waist belt, please try to use it
  •  Always start after a good warm-up
  •  Take some expert suggestions

Now we can move to the exercise type and send an explanation of it. 

Some Of The Best Gluteus Minimus Exercises 

 ✅Side Plank With Hip Dip: This is one of the simple gluteus minimus exercises that can be done by beginners easily. It can be done at your home or your room because it doesn’t need any equipment for it. You can use any exercise mat or yoga mat for doing this and it could shape the hip and buttock area. It can be done easily by following some simple steps. You can lie down to the side plank position and give support with your elbow and hand and don’t bend the knee. Maintain the static side plank position. Then you can carry the hips down towards the mat or floor side and rise as high as possible. You can raise your hip for up to 6 seconds when you are up.

✅Side Lying Clamshell: Side lying clamshell is beginners friendly and easy to understand. You can lie on the ground and it should be on your side and you have to bend the knee slightly up on your side. Make sure that the hip or the buttocks area enhances upwards and makes it straight to the ground. Then you can open your knee or your leg like a clamshell upwards and downwards. 

✅Fire Hydrants: Fire Hydrants could strengthen the lumbar pelvic hip complex and a good gluteus minimus exercise. You can stand with your knee support or quadruped position. You can lift your leg to 45 degrees and not move the other parts of your body. 

✅Walking Lunge: It could stand then your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes and develop gluteal muscles. You can stand up and look straightforward. Then you have to place your hands on your hips and step forward and bent your knees. You can repeat it for forward lunge again. In each step make sure that you are taking enough breath. 

✅Side Lying Hip Abduction: It is almost like a side-lying clamshell. But you can opt for a band around your ankles. You can trace your leg high as possible and you can also avoid bending of knees and those straight-side lying hip abductions. 

✅Curtsy Lunges: You can place your feet side by side, shoulders up, and place your right leg behind. Then you can try to touch the knee on the floor and it gives a good exercise move. It could help with supporting lower muscle strength. 

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 Dumbbell Bulgarian Split Squat: You can uplift your leg backward and place it on a stable bench. At the same, you can hold each dumbbell in your hands. Keep maintaining six inches of height when you place your leg and you can go to the need towards the ground of placed leg. Please try to move upwards and downwards in a perpendicular motion don’t do it with clumsiness or carelessness.

✅Single-Leg Dumbbell Glute Bridges: You can completely lie in thein the ground and you can place your dumbbell in the crease of your hips. You can extend one leg and squeeze your glute. At the same time, you will push your other luck and keep up your back to the ground.   

✅Lateral Walks: For this exercise, you can wear a band it can resist as well as strengthen your knees and legs. Then you can squat down which helps your butt muscles and thighs. Please make sure that you are taking small steps.

✅Monster Walk: Monster walk this one of the best gluteus minimum exercises and is almost like lateral walks. For the lateral walk, you have to walk forward and backward. But, Monster work is for sides. So you can opt left and right to walk along while wearing a band around your thighs and angles. You can do 3 to 5 sets and can cover almost 10 yards for each set. 

✅Hip Abduction Machine: You can do this exercise simply with the help of a hip abduction machine. It can be seen in any Gym and it helps to manage to activate glute muscles. You can sit in an upright position and hold your back firmly. You can exhale by pushing the legs apart and you can do enough sets as per your stamina. 

 Best Gluteus Minimus Exercises 

✅Wide Stance Barbell Hip Thrust: You can place a barbell in your abdominal or hip area and completely lay down. You can use your hips and feet to move upwards. It is very much effective for glute muscles

✅Wide Stance Cable Pull-Through: You can find the equipment in the gym and you will find the pulley attached to a rock. Please take care of the weight and you can be in a standing position. You have to keep your head straight in front and pull upward and there is no need to walk or move from the position.

✅Deficit Sumo Deadlift: Deficit Sumo deadlift can strengthen your glute muscles. You can spine straight as you screw your glute and can halt the weight on your hands. Then forcing it upwards with a stable position could be done.   

✅Standing Cable Hip Abduction:  Standing cable hip abduction means the normal hip abduction with you standing. You can engage your abs with this and gradually increase it. 

✅Single Leg Dumbbell Hip Thrust: You can play the dumbbell in your 90° folded leg and straighten up the other leg. Then you can use the hip upward and downward direction and squeeze your glute. 

✅Dumbbell Walking Lunge: You can hold two pairs of dumbbells in each hand and have walking lunges. In each step, you can stand up and in the next step, you can bend your knees to the ground.

Benefits Of Gluteus Minimus Exercises 

There are many benefits that you can achieve with Gluteus minimus exercises. Let us look at that. 

Increased posture and pelvic alignment

Can be more healthy and maintain good body structure

Better stamina and athletic performance

More stability in joints

Reduced muscle and knee cramps


    Gluteus minimus exercises are so popular right now because the importance of glute muscles is well known to everyone. It can be a strength with the help of exercises and especially at the part of body structure and beauty. Meanwhile, these muscles are prominent for stamina and stability. Also, it would help for easier and smoother movements. All of the exercises can be done after proper studies and research because there are some weight-lifting exercises. You can start with the simple one and later on with the machines and weights. Also, make sure that you are wearing comfortable clothes for exercise and if possible if your physical trainer is good.

    Apart from that, you have to maintain a healthy diet and drink enough water during every exercise. If you have any issues with your bonds are joins you can always consult an Ortho specialist before you start these exercises. And also, all of these exercises are proven for performance and you can attain more confidence. It is not only for confidence or self-esteem, it is always about health too. You can start your sessions from this day onwards!

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