How Does Jorge Garcia Lose Weight? His INSPIRING Weight Loss Journey!

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss

For ‌fans of the ABC television series ‘Lost’, Jorge Garcia is not a strange face. This big guy with curly hair and an attractive smile had gained the attention of fans since the start of the show. One thing that makes the excellent actor distinguishable is his body as he is really big. 

Recently, the star was all over the news, which details ‌his weight loss. According to ‌sources closer to the actor, he had undergone a strict diet and exercise routine to lose around 100 pounds. Jump right into the article to know more about the details of Jorge Garcia’s weight loss journey.

Who Is Jorge Garcia?

Known for his portrayal of Hugo ‘Hurley’ Reyes in the television series Lost, Jorge Garcia is acclaimed as an actor and comedian. His career break happened through the role of Hector Lopez, in the television show Becker.

Apart from these, he has made his presence in several other movies and shows. Some of them include The Wrong Missy, Hawaii Five-0, Alcatraz, Maktub, Mr. Sunshine, Maggie, Nobody Known I’m Here, etc. 

Jorge Garcia: Body Statistics 

Full nameJorge Fernando Garcia
Date Of birth and ageApril 28, 1973, 49 years (as of 2022)
Height in feet5’11”
Height in centimeters182
Before weight loss181 Kg or 400 pounds
After weight loss136 Kg or 300 pounds
Weight loss45 Kg (100 pounds)
Hair colorDark brown 
Eye colorDark brown

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Journey

The 49-year-old actor is known for his distinguishing acting performances. Along with his golden curls and endearing smile, the actor was known for his weight. The actor had reached a weight of around 400 pounds when his family and friends urged them to lose weight.

For the past five years, the actor has engaged in some healthy habits which have helped him lose a lot of weight. While working on the series, Lost, Jorge lost around 30 pounds. But the actor couldn’t keep up with his healthy habits and soon resorted to his unhealthy eating patterns.

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Journey

Many of his fans think that the actor has undergone some gastric bypass surgery to lose weight. But the truth is, he hasn’t undergone any surgeries. Instead, the current weight loss of Jorge Garcia is the result of a strict exercise routine and a healthy diet.

Jorge follows a yeast-deactivated “Nooch diet” for weight loss. Even though he is a living example of the success of this diet, there are no other studies made regarding its effectiveness.

As part of the diet, the actor consumes fiber-rich foods, protein, and vegetables like carrots and spinach. Along with the ardent diet, Garcia has also undertaken some strict exercise patterns. He has inculcated 11 primary exercises into his workout routine.

These include arm circles, shoulder rotations, wrist rotations, running up and down stairs, neck rotations, air cycling, sit-ups, and face and breathing exercises. 

In many interviews, the actor has revealed that he gave up junk food to lose weight and stopped drinking. He also works out with the help of a personal trainer and they devise a program for him to lose weight. The actor has been said to have lost 100 pounds after all these diets and work-outs. 

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Diet

The diet followed by Jorge Garcia is the “Nooch Diet”.  Customized based on his body requirements, this diet focuses on the addition of yeast which has been pasteurized and deactivated. Traditionally, nutritional yeast was an important component in vegan diets. Jorge follows this diet, which consists of lean meat of mutton, beef, and chicken. Along with that, it also contains spinach, carrots, and other vegetables. 

Here are some diet tips inspired by the Jorge Garcia weight loss diet.

  • Drink a lot of water: One of the crucial pieces of advice Jorge Garcia received as part of his weight loss journey was to drink plenty of water. Drinking water can detoxify the body from impurities and can also curb unwanted hunger.
  • Say no to alcohol: As part of his weight loss regime, Jorge Garcia bid farewell to alcohol. He had a habit of drinking sodas and other alcoholic beverages. Quitting these unhealthy drinks helped him accelerate the weight loss process. 
  • Drink plenty of juices: Jorge’s doctors advised him to drink plenty of fruit juices. These can help to avoid unnecessary cravings for junk foods and help to lose weight effectively. 
  • Limit the consumption of butter, bread, potatoes, beef, cheese, and soda: Being high in fat, these ingredients can add to the weight unnecessarily. Limiting its consumption can lead to healthy weight loss.
  • Track your calories: One important aspect of losing weight is to count the calories you consume. This can help to analyze how many calories you intake vs how much you burn out. 

Jorge Garcia’s weight loss diet plan for a week

Modeled after the actor’s weight loss diet, here is a sample diet plan that you can follow along.

Day 1Eat vegetables only
Day 2Eat fruits only
Day 3Consume fruits and vegetables
Day 4Four glasses of milk and 8 bananas
Day 5Eat tomatoes, fish, brown rice, and chicken breast
Day 6Fish/Chicken breast+ brown rice+vegetables
Day 7Fruits+brown rice+juices+vegetables

Jorge Garcia Weight Loss Workout 

Jorge Garcia engages in 2-3 hours daily of workout to lose weight. The details of some of his workout methods are listed below:

  • Arms circles: These are an excellent option to tone your shoulder muscles and biceps and triceps. It can also work on the upper back muscles and can be used as a full-body workout. 
  • Shoulder rotations: Practicing shoulder rotations can strengthen the rotator cuff and improve joint flexibility. It can also maintain the stability of your shoulder joints.
  •  Wrist rotations: These are practiced to enhance your blood flow and accelerate mobility. They can also prevent injuries and can be considered warm-up exercises. 
  •  Running up and down stairs: Studies show that running up and down stairs can burn around 275-835 calories.  These can aid in weight loss if practiced consistently. 
  • Neck rotations: Practicing neck rotations can loosen up the sides and backs of your neck. It decreases stiffness and heaviness around your shoulders and back.
  • Air cycling: It is an excellent cardio workout that can enhance strength and endurance. As a low-impact aerobic exercise, it can boost your heart rate and help you lose weight.
  • Sit-ups: Practicing sit-ups can tighten the core and tone the abdomen muscles. It can improve core strength and enhance athletic performance. These can also maintain your posture and enhance your flexibility.
  • Face and breathing exercises: Face exercises can tone the muscles in your face. Practicing breathing exercises such as belly breathing, equal breathing, resonant breathing, etc can relieve you from anxiety and stress. 

The Bottom Line

On going through the article, one can understand that the 49-year-old American actor has undergone tremendous efforts to lose 100 pounds from his body. He has lost all that weight by adhering to some strict diet rules and exercise patterns.

The big guy had to bid farewell to his favorite food items, such as soda, chips, and sweets, as part of the drastic transformation. He engaged in some primary workouts that helped him to lose weight off his body. The weight loss journey of Jorge Garcia is an inspiration to many who want to lose weight healthily and sustainably. 

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