Juno Temple Weight Loss: The Secret To Her Weight Loss Success!

Juno Temple Weight Loss

A career that spanned two decades, and the dramatic roles that portray troubled young women, are enough titles to describe Juno Temple. Recently, she was brought under public scrutiny for her weight loss. Many of her fans are concerned about the health of the actress as she can be seen as thinner than before.

But Juno defies those claims by not caring what others think about her body. Jump into the article to find out how Juno Temple lost a considerable amount of weight and what her fans have to say about it!

About Juno Temple

You have seen her in movies such as Atonement, Notes on a Scandal, The Dark Knight Rises, Maleficent, and Black Mass, and TV series such as Ted Lasso, Vinyl, Dirty John, and Little Birds. Recommended for two Primetime Emmy Awards, Juno Temple is acclaimed for her role as Keeley Jones in Ted Lasso.

Juno Temple

She is an English actress who debuted in movies when she was just 8 years old. In 2013, Temple received the BAFTA Rising Star Awards. Some other familiar roles played by this actress include a Gotham girl in the movie The Dark Knight Rises and Diane in the lesbian werewolf story Jack & Diane.

Juno Temple: Body Statistics

Full NameJuno Violet Temple
Date of Birth21 July 1989
Height5 Feet 2 inches/ 157 cm
Weight 110 lb/ 50 kg
Breast/Bust Size29 in/76 cm
Waist Size24 in/61 cm
Bra Size34 A (US)/ 75 A (EU)
Dress Size-2
Hair ColorBlonde
Eye ColorBlue

Juno Temple Weight Loss Journey

As the Season 3 of the TV series Ted Lasso was screened,  fans noticed the appearance of Juno Temple. According to them, she has lost a considerable amount of weight and looks thinner. They are concerned whether the actress is having any health condition that makes her look this way. 

But the 33-year-old actress hasn’t made any new remarks about her transformation. But earlier, in an interview with Maire Claire, she had discussed her struggles during the pandemic and how it had an impact on her self-image.

Juno Temple Weight Loss Journey

During the pandemic, Juno had to struggle a lot and she started hating her own body. She had to remind herself every day that it is fine to have different sizes and shapes. Body acceptance became a difficult task for her then and she struggled with anxiety and stress. 

In the interview, the actress can be seen sharing her difficult journey and how it changed her to become “extremely nocturnal”. Along with that, the body weight expectations from her followers added to this and she had a really difficult time with her emotional and mental health.

But slowly, she started her self-acceptance journey and understood not to care for other people’s opinions of her body. 

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Juno Temple Weight Loss Diet

In many of her interviews, Juno Temple has revealed that she is very careful regarding what she puts into her stomach. The actress prefers healthy and clean foods. She used to eat processed foods, but when she started her weight loss journey, she skipped these foods.

Now she prefers only fresh produce, mostly vegetables, and fruits. Her go-to meal is salads which are made from a variety of vegetables.

In an earlier interview, Juno revealed that she always chooses raw products or farm-fresh ones. Also, she prefers lean meat over red meat and whole grains and salads are her comfort foods. Juno adds a lot of green leaves in her salads which provide her with enough nutrients such as fiber. 

Diet tips from Juno Temple

By analyzing the eating habits of Juno Temple, we can reach certain points. These aspects are the core part of her diet and that is how she maintains a healthy weight and body. Some of the diet tips inspired by Juno Temple’s weight loss journey are provided below:

👉Eat raw and farm-fresh items– One of the constant habits of Juno Temple regarding selecting her food is to go for farm-fresh and raw items. She avoids junk and processed items from the market and always chooses organic food. 

👉Choose whole foods and organic items– Instead of consuming instant foods, Juno loves to eat whole foods. She incorporates a lot of vegetables and fruits into her diet, which provides her with enough nutrients to aid in weight loss.

👉Lean meat over red meat– One of the ways through which Juno lost weight was by replacing red meat with lean meat that too without fat. Lean meat can provide you with enough proteins without gaining much weight. Some of the foods that are considered lean meats are Chicken breasts, Ground Turkey, Pork Tenderloin, Salmon, Canned Tuna, etc.

👉Consume more leafy vegetables– Studies have shown that eating more leafy vegetables can burn belly fat and aid in weight loss. These are excellent to curb your appetite and improve digestion. Some leafy vegetables to include in your diet are Spinach, Kale, Lettuce, Bok Choy, etc.

👉Eat more salads– The go-to food of Juno Temple for weight loss is salads. You can prepare salads in a wide variety of ways. Vegetable salads are abundant with antioxidants and fibers. It can balance your cholesterol levels and reduce your blood sugar content. 

👉Avoid processed foods– Processed foods can cause a myriad of damages to your health. As these items are full of salt, sugar, and fat, they can cause life-threatening conditions. 

Juno Temple Weight Loss Exercises

Some of her interviews reveal that the actress had engaged in certain exercises for weight loss. She trained under a personal coach for workouts. One of the major exercises she did as part of her weight loss journey was to practice high-intensity interval training (HIIT)

Along with that, she loved dancing. She had opened up about the many benefits of dancing to stay fit and active. With the help of a dance instructor, named Rie, she practiced dancing. Juno had revealed that she could learn split dance along with a pole under her teacher’s guidance. Dance made her accept and love her body as it was. 

HIIT Workouts for Weight Loss

As Juno Temple revealed that she practiced some HIIT workouts for weight loss, we can examine some of these workouts. Here is a list of high-intensity interval training workouts that can surely guide you to weight loss.

  • Burpees– Burpees are practiced as a push-up along with a leap in the air. These are excellent workout methods to tone up your calves, triceps, shoulders, and lats. 
  • Push-ups– This seemingly difficult exercise has many benefits and can successfully aid in weight loss. It can stimulate the muscles in the chest, triceps, and shoulders. 
  • Mountain Climbers– The exercise can build strength for your entire body while increasing your endurance. 
  • Rope Jumping–  Called also as skipping, it can tone up your hamstrings, glutes, calf muscles, quads, chest muscles, etc. Studies have shown that it can also burn belly fat and strengthen the muscles in your abdomen. 
  • Russian Twist– One of the popular HIIT workouts, Russian twists can improve the strength of your cores and shoulders. It can also burn belly fat and accelerate your weight loss.

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The Bottom Line

Juno Temple is a versatile actress who gained recognition by portraying a myriad of characters both in movies and TV series. Her weight loss was a steaming topic lately as fans were concerned whether the actress was having any underlying condition.

But Juno Temple didn’t respond to such comments. According to her, she lost weight by following a healthy diet and fitness routines. Her diet included whole foods such as vegetables, fruits, and lean meats.

Regarding fitness, she opted for HIIT workouts and dance. All these factors helped Juno Temple to lose weight and stay in shape.


Q.  Does Juno Temple have an eating disorder?

No. The speculations on eating disorders were raised in the context of her sudden weight loss. 

Q. What are the favorite workouts of Juno Temple?

Her favorite workouts are HIIT workouts and dance.

Q. What kind of diet is followed by Juno Temple for weight loss?

She followed a diet enriched with organic and fresh foods, salads, and lean meats without fats.

Q. Did Juno Temple undertake any surgery for weight loss?

No. Juno Temple hasn’t undertaken any surgery for weight loss.

Q. What is the weight of Juno Temple?

She currently weighs around 50 kg. 

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