Nikki Duval’s Weight Loss: Her Inspirational Weight Loss Story!

Nikki Duval's Weight Loss

Losing weight is not just about losing the extra fat it is also about building some panache, rediscovering yourself in some cases, and a career revival like no other. If you are in the limelight, chances are you will be scrutinized for your body weight.

You may also stop getting chances and that could be critical. So this blog talks about Nikki Duval’s weight loss journey and her path to forge a better pathway of life for themselves.

Who Is Nikki Duval?

Nikki Duval is prominently known for her cool and witty secretary role in Workin’ Moms. Born in Canada, she started her life in Manitoba. Her education was completed at the University of Winnipeg and that was when she discovered her true passion for acting.

Though she picked up some minor roles in shows like Murdoch Mysteries, Wynonna Earp, and Imposter, she couldn’t make an impact until her big break on Workin’ Moms. The actress is yet to get her big break and we can’t wait to see her in full form.

How Did Nikki Duval Lose Weight?

Not much is not known about her weight loss since the actress seldom opens up about it. The actress however caught the eyes of the paps when she started posting photos of her which could clearly mark the difference.

According to some tabloids, the reason why her weight loss became the talk of the town is because she lost almost 15 Kilograms in just over 2 months. But before we delve into the way Nikki Duval’s weight loss worked, we should know how she gained it in the first place.

If we go by her interviews, Nikki is a foodie. She often posts photos of indulging in various delicacies throughout her shoot and vacations. We believe her genetics also had a role to play in her weight gain and coupled with her busy schedule, she had to carry on with her unhealthy habits.

Moving far from her family and not getting enough offers made her take the high road. The harsh comments that she faced online due to her size made her depressed and instead of weaning off she snuck closer to her choice of oily snacks.

Emotional eating is a major cause of weight gain and so is she. Though she worked very hard to lose weight nothing seemed to work and this made her wriggle further inside the cocoon. Now we know how catastrophic an absence of an active lifestyle can be and that is what happened to Nikki too.

Her mental health also took a toll and that is when she changed for good. Leaving her unclean eating habits with a sedentary lifestyle, she underwent a complete cleanse. Though she denies it, her fans believe that she had bariatric surgery to decrease the size of her stomach and therefore limit her food intake.

However bariatric surgery can never work in isolation. It has to be followed by a healthy diet and a rigorous workout timetable. A liposuction is also on the table where fats are removed from your abdomen, glute, thighs, and so on.

Nikki Duval’s Diet Plan

For Nikki Duval’s weight loss plan to work, she would have gone through a total diet change. First of all, she could have pre-planned her meals and decided on a portion to be eaten each time. Subsequently, she would have picked up her food which has a whole lot of cereal grains minus all the carbs.

This should be accompanied by lean meat and fish on alternate days. Apart from showing some love for nuts, she would have also held fruits, vegetables, seeds, and eggs close to the belly, in this case. All of these are rich in components ideal to facilitate digestion, decrease hunger pangs, and help you keep full longer.

Nikki Duval’s Workout Plan

Nikki Duval’s weight loss plan would contain multiple sets of workouts spanning from light cardio to heavy lift training. Cycling, jogging, or dancing can all make a difference. Also, we could see how her abs were pretty visible, that could have been the result of resistance training that has multiple exercises under its belt.

Since they mostly play on the force applied, the transformation could be huge that too within a matter of days. Giving up her couch potato life she took part in various active routines and is often clicked playing or walking with her dogs.

Nikki Duval’s Weight Loss: Before And After

Before Nikki Duval’s weight loss plan started kicking in, she was very reserved and therefore posted photos of her from the sets only. But now all she can do is show up for sexy photoshoots and flaunt her perfect body. Earlier she was in a headspace that didn’t give her any joy but all kinds of worries.

After picking up her act, Nikki found herself no longer addicted to sodas or snacks that can cause a sudden spike in weight. Career-wise, Workin’ Moms is topping the TRP charts and after 5 successful seasons has been renewed for another.

Hopefully, we will be able to see Nikki in her new avatar on the show exuding confidence, and will fall in love with her, all over again. She has signed multiple projects but is tight-lipped about it.

Nikki has really changed her life by changing some minute actions in her life. Not only has she opened a door full of opportunities for her but also presented one to embrace the goodness in life. We hope it motivates you too!

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