BTS Jimin Shares His Weight Loss Secrets And Diet Plans For His Solo Album!

BTS Jimin Weight Loss Secrets for solo

Who else can be good at shedding weight and keeping fit besides the ever-charming BTS boys? Other than their singing talent, they all have to perform well on ‌stage. So having a perfect body is necessary for the BTS band.

In the recent news, one of the BTS members, Jimin has come up with his weight loss secrets. In the context of his upcoming solo album, Jimin shared some of the secrets behind his toned body with his audience. Read on to learn more about what is the secret behind the ever-toned look of this handsome K-pop artist!

Jimin Once Again Becomes A True Icon Of Perfection!

The K-pop idol Jimin has recently revealed the secret method that helped him ‌shed some weight. The 27-year-old idol has been a member of the BTS music band. While preparing for his solo debut that is set to be released on Friday, March 24, Jimin revealed how he keeps his body slim and toned.

According to him, he followed a strict diet and exercise pattern to keep in shape. He always wanted to keep the weight within 50kg(110 lbs) to 59 kg (130 lbs range). The details of his weight loss secret were shared in the context of his upcoming single album, Face.

The ever-charming star of the BTS band shared his secrets through the behind-the-scenes video which features the filming for Set Me Free Pt.2, a pre-released single from this Solo album.

Per the K-Pop idol, the secret method that helped him lose weight was to write down everything he wanted to eat the next day before bed. According to him, he wrote down a list of foods that he wanted to try in his journal yesterday.

It included some of the delicacies such as kalguksu, Daechang, and Ramyeon. He also can be seen saying in the Music video sketch that it has been so long since he had tried Tteokbokki. Also, Klaguks with Kimchi sounds entertaining to him.

Many of his fans have appreciated the efforts he makes for weight loss. One of them commented that he likes being fit because he wants to feel lighter when he dances. Another one commented on his dedication towards his work saying even after being 10 hours in the industry, his spirit to be healthy and fit is amazing.

Most of these comments appreciate Jimin’s dedication and hard work and congratulate him on keeping slim and fit like this. 

According to Jimin, the second part of the Set Me Free was made when he felt depressed and down at a point in his life. This song was a way to put down his feelings and it exactly does so. In the choreography of this song, he has incorporated some of his emotional turmoil into clarity.

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He assured us that the choreography will be intense unlike some of his earlier works, and that is because this piece of work has his life on it. Jimin has detailed all of these aspects in a video where the behind-the-scenes of his song has taken place.

As he said, the visuals are captivating and convey a deeper insight into the tumultuous journey he had to overcome as an artist. 

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