Kelly Ripa’s Surprising Workout Story: It’s Time To Move!

Kelly Ripa's Surprising Workout Story!

Kelly Ripa is an American dancer, actress, and television talk show host. Kelly was born and raised in berlin, new jersey. She is the daughter of Esther and Joseph Ripa and has a sibling Linda. She began her career as a dancer. This American beauty started dancing ballet at the age of three. She made her national television debut in 1986 when she was a regular dancer in the program “Dancin”.

Kelly Ripa At Her Best Shape At The Age Of 49

She eventually took participation in the dance party USA. dance party USA is an American dance reality show telecasted on the USA network from April 12, 1986, to June 27, 1992. The role of Hayley Vaughn Santos in the ABC daytime soap opera “ All my children” is considered one of the greatest achievements of Kelly Ripa.

kelly Ripa Workout

she met the love of her life, Mark Consuelos through this series. The couple got married in 1996, and they have three children Lola, Michael, and Joaquin. One of the most interesting facts about kelly is that she is a three-time Guinness world record holder. In 2006 she hold the Guinness record for tossing the most banana cream pies in her mouth in one minute.

She was able to toss 24 banana cream pies in the time of one minute. In 2010 she enrolled Anderson cooper to play the largest game of human mattress dominoes. And finally, in 2018, she partnered with Ryan Seacrest and set a Guinness record for creating the largest elephant toothpaste fountain. Kelly Ripa 2022 has a fortune of 120 million. She is one of the most successful actresses, dancers, and entrepreneurs in the world.

What Is The Diet Routine Of Kelly Ripa?

Even after being a mother of three children Kelly Ripa still focuses on her fitness goals. Kelly maintains a  high energy level and excellent body shape. In a recent television show, she revealed the diet plan that changed her life. She mentioned that she is following an alkaline diet. An alkaline diet is a complex discussion among health experts and it doesn’t recommend skipping or removing a particular meal. An alkaline diet maintains a low pH level.

It recommends consuming meals that aren’t acidic. Meat, refined, or added sugars probably make your body more acidic. An alkaline diet recommends a vegan diet. It is unclear whether an alkaline diet is healthy or not. But for kelly following this particular diet had made wonders in her life.

She consumes solid foods rather than liquid food in her daily diet. For breakfast, she drinks almond butter mixed with cinnamon and slices of green apple. After the morning workout, she eats a microgreens salad including avocado and toasted nuts.

For lunch, she usually eats yogurt and blueberries. And for dinner, she probably eats a ton of vegetables, soup, or a small piece of fish. kelly loves cheese and high-fat meals but she tries to avoid them at her best. She a great fan of pizza and french fries, she likes to eat them every day, but she limits such treats to once a week.

She doesn’t cheat on her diet plans. she believes that strong fitness can be maintained through a proper workout routine and a healthy diet. Patience is an essential quality to need while having fitness goals. Strong and attractive physic cannot be achieved overnight, it needs years of practice and discipline to develop it. If you wish to achieve physic like kelly you can follow her diet plans.

Supplements Taken By Kelly Ripa

According to our resources, Kelly Ripa takes :

  • Ginger and peppermint personal nutrition supplements
  • CDB supplement
  • Anti-inflammatory supplements
  • Alkamind daily greens
  • Alkamind daily minerals

Kelly Ripa consumes a vegan diet and the above-mentioned supplements to maintain her flexibility and figure. She takes most of these products to prevent nutritional deficiency and inflammation and to ensure better health and immunity.

CDB is used for getting a night of better sleep. Ginger and peppermint personal nutrition supplements help her calm her stomach. Alkamind daily minerals are consumed after a workout. all these products are top-quality supplements and they provide fast and true results. If you wish to buy these supplements it’s available on the internet. The supplements as mentioned earlier provide an essential amount of:

  • Zinc
  • Iron
  • Vitamin B12
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin D
  • Omega-3
  • Iodine

Who Often Does Kelly Ripa Work Out?

Kelly is so dedicated when it comes to fitness. She follows a very strict diet and workout routine. She manages to work out for 4-5 days a week. Each day she workout for 60 -90 minutes. Kelly is a very disciplined fitness lady.

She enjoys her workout sessions. Kelly posts most of her workout sessions on her social media accounts like Twitter and Instagram. She is indeed a motivation to all those women out there. Through social media, she motivates more and more women of her age to step up and start working. Her husband Mark is one of her most significant supports.

Who Trains Kelly Ripa?

For many years kelly is trained under Anna kaiser. Anna Kaiser is a former dancer and the founder of AKT fitness studios in New York. Kaiser is well known for his high-intensity training sessions.

Kelly has been under kaisers instruction for the past 12 years. Anna kaiser has played a very crucial role in developing kelly. She charted specially workouts for kelly and guided her through the right path. She sensed the true potential in kelly. With years of dedication and patience, she built a strong and sexy woman. She provides personal trainers in her fitness center in New York. People who are interested to train under her guidance can go and join her academy right away.

 Workout Routine Followed By Kelly Ripa

Kelly follows a highly effective combination of exercise as part of her regular workout regime. Her workout routine includes the following:

  • Dance-cardio strength training with anna kaiser
  • Soul cycle classes
  • Jogging
  • Power Yoga

She usually trainers under anna for at least 4-5 days a week. She mainly focuses on doing exercises that target her core muscles. For those who would like to follow her workout routine to build lean strong physic, here is an example.


  • 60 minutes cardio dance class session at AKT 


  • 40 -60 minutes soul cycle session


  • AKT bands class targeting muscles like tripes and inner thighs.
  • Involves highly repetitive small cardio movements using a resistance band.


  • Again soul cycling session for 45-60 minutes.


  • AKT circuit session of 60 minutes involving intense cardio workout with weights.


  • AKT mixer full body workout for 60 minutes


  • Jogging for 60 minutes
  • One-hour yoga session or pilates session
  • Do exercises such as leg raises, ball squats, ab crunches, and tricep dips at home or the gym.
Workout Routine Followed By Kelly Ripa

Kelly Ripa’s workout routine mainly includes more cardio workouts. She has been following this workout routine for the last 12 years. The workout routine has made a significant impact on her energy level and strength. This workout will help you achieve your dream physic.

Secrets Behind Kelly Ripa Fitness

As we have mentioned before kelly focuses on building strength and energy from her exercises. Anna kaiser her trainer mentioned that they are monitoring her heart rate metrics each day to make sure that she gets the extract amount of cardio and strength she requires each day. In a recent interview, her trainer anna kaiser revealed how Kelly’s workout routine changed in the past years.

During her late 30s, she was mainly focused on cardio. She was doing a lot of fitness challenges for the shows and her cardio and stamina needed to be very strong. Kelly also revealed that she stopped alcohol consumption which was a key factor that helped her maintain a slender figure. Alcohol consumption decreases your physical ability to perform a particular workout.

Simply we can say that alcohol kills your energy. Kelly Ripa faced this same situation when she started fitness training. She was unable to perform certain exercises. But as soon as she avoided alcohol he started performing very well. So if you have fitness goals make sure you avoid alcohol.

Final Thoughts On Kelly Ripa Physic

There is no doubt that kelly Ripa is in the best shape at the age of 49. Every single ounce of her body was built from a lifetime of intense workouts and battles. She is a role model for society, especially for women. She has been following a vegan diet since 2015. Her life and her fitness indicate the importance of a healthy diet. Her workout routine includes running, soul cycling, and cardio strength sessions at AKT fitness under the guidance of anna kaiser. Anna has trained kelly for many years.

Kelly in a recent interview mentioned that quitting alcohol was one of the major reasons for her impressive weight loss journey. At a particular point of training, kelly was unable to perform workouts as per instructions. Her habit of drinking alcohol almost made it impossible to perform well. As soon as he realized that her drinking habit is affecting her energy and fitness.

She didn’t even hesitate to quit drinking. With dedication and hard work, she built an impressive body and strength even at the age of 49. It is very uncommon to see a person maintaining a perfect figure at the age of 49. Kelly Ripa is indeed a motivation for everyone to go to the gym.

Although her diet and workout routine isn’t too strict. They need proper motivation and disciple. Most of the exercises are light and easy to do, you just need to earn the proper technique. Her diet mainly includes a ton of vegetables and fruits.

We have provided you with an idea and motivation, the rest is up to you. Hopefully following her workout routine will help to achieve good and strong physic.


1. Does kelly Ripa consume supplements?

Answer: Yes kelly Ripa consumes supplements to maintain her fitness. According to resources, he uses the following supplements: CDB, anti-inflammatory, Alkamind daily greens, mineral supplements, and personal nutrition supplements.

2. Is it easy to follow kelly Ripa’s diet and workout routine?

Answer: well the answer is simply a yes, her diet and workout routine aren’t too strict, it only needs patients and commitment. Most of her workouts are easy to do. Almost 80% of her diet includes fruits and vegetables.

3. Does alcohol affect your gains?

Answer: alcohol and your energy level have a connection. Alcohol consumption makes you unable to perform physical tasks. You will free very exhausted after doing a few reps and you will be able to complete the entire exercise.

4. What are the benefits of a vegan diet?

Answer: A vegan diet is based on plant foods. This type of diet provides various health benefits. It helps to control blood diabetes and will help you in weight loss. If you have the goal of losing weight following a vegan diet is your best bet.

5. Is Kelly Ripa’s workout routine effective?

Answer: there is no doubt whether the routine has changed her life or not. Kelly showed significant improvement after opting for this workout routine. Her routine mainly focuses on building core strength and endurance. If you have the goal of improving strength and endurance no doubt you can definitely follow this workout split.

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