What Happened To Liam Payne’s Face? Fans Speculate About Buccal Fat Removal Surgery

Liam Payne Buccal Fat Removal

It seems like ‘Night Changes’ for Liam Payne too. In his recent appearance, the singer was seen with a gaunt-looking face. Fans are speculating whether he has undergone buccal fat removal.

The pictures of Liam Payne have gone viral in this context. He was seen posing with his girlfriend, Kate Cassidy, at a recent event in London.

Liam’s New Look Surprised Everyone

The One Direction singer has attracted the attention of his fans because he looks somewhat different. The jaws of the singer look chiseled and sharp which has created an assumption that he might have undergone buccal fat removal.

Many of his fans have expressed their concerns over the singer’s face, saying it seems more ‘gaunt’ now.  But the singer hasn’t made any public remarks regarding these speculations. 

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We have seen the artistic growth of Liam Payne right before our eyes. It was just like the growth of a homeboy nearby to our place, and that is why Liam became one of the most popular singers ever.

From being one of the star cast members of the band, ‘One Direction’ to embarking on his solo artistry journey, Liam has followed his passion right before our eyes. And that may be the reason behind the latest speculation about the actor’s face.

These assumptions arose when the singer attended his friend Louis Tomlinson’s All of Those Voices documentary premiere in London. The pictures of the singer from this event created suspicion in his fans as to whether he had undergone plastic surgery. 

These pictures show jawlines and cheekbones of Liam more angular and chiseled. Many of his fans have commented on his face, saying it is purely the outcome of plastic surgery. For some others, he might have lost some weight, and that may be the reason behind the recent face change.

Anyway, right now social media is arguing whether the singer has undergone some buccal fat removal process. In the recent pictures, the ‘One Direction’ singer can be seen wearing a white and black tuxedo which is paired with tailored trousers. 

Even though the singer didn’t respond to any of the comments regarding his face, he recently commented on his friendship with his former ‘One Direction’ cast-Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Niall Horan, and Louis. In February of 2023, Liam congratulated Harry on winning multiple Grammy Awards.

After a month, he ‌put a lengthy post on Louis’ documentary on Instagram. The post was filled with his gratitude for his friend, and it was long and heartfelt. The post showered congratulations on his friend Louis’ efforts and appreciated his efforts.

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According to Liam, he feels grateful for being the friend of Louis and that he is the most hardworking one in their group. Even though Liam started his solo artistic expeditions, fans wholeheartedly support him because he keeps in touch with his former bandmates.

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